Tips For Quickly Selling Your Car Online

Are you dreaming of a new car like Toyota, Honda, Nissan or Ford? In most cases, you can’t buy a new car before you sell your old one. Today there are dozens of ways to sell used cars, but selling stuff on the Internet has proven to be the most effective way to quickly and effectively get rid of a car you no longer need.

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The Internet has truly revolutionized the way we sell and buy things. Websites like JiJi.ng have become especially popular, because they are a way for real users to sell to other real users. However, before posting your ad on JiJi or other website, you need to follow a couple of rules to make the process quicker and more efficient.

Research your market

Every type of car has its own target audience, which you need to know before selling the car. For example, SUVs are often favoured by wealthy single men, while minivans are more popular within large families. With the necessary amount of knowledge about the kind of car you own and your target audience, your listing will achieve bigger success.


Researching the market is also crucial for setting the right price. By selecting an appropriate price for your online listing you’ll attract more customers. If the price is too high, people will find your car outside their means, and if the price is too low, potential buyers may think it’s some kind of scam.

Add value to your car

Every car sold online has a different level of equipment. Some cars are sold without any add-ons at all; others are filled with gadgets and other necessities. If the car you’re trying to sell doesn’t have too much of additional value, it may lower your chances of selling the vehicle quickly.


If your car is equipped with add-ons, don’t forget to list them in your online ad. The more add-ons your car has, the more you can charge for the car. The most popular add-ons are sound systems, sunroofs, fog lights, leather steering wheels, tinted windows, and tail light treatments. If your car has any of those amenities, feel free to set a higher price.

It’s all about presentation

Pictures in your online listing are the first time potential buyers will see the car you’re trying to sell, so don’t take the next step lightly. Taking hi-res, colourful and attractive pictures of a used car is almost an art, but don’t worry, you can do it yourself. Most importantly, make sure to wash your car properly – it’s better to take it to a car wash where it will be cared for by professionals.


When your car is ready for taking pictures, remember that lighting plays the most significant role in the outcome. Take photos of a car on a sunny day. Experiment with angles and positions – you can pick the perfect photos later on your computer. Don’t forget to add detailed photos of every part of the vehicle, including the dashboard, the cabin, and the hood.

The buyers need to know everything

One of the key conditions for successfully selling a car is to be 100% honest with potential buyers. You need to remember that every lie will sooner or later come out, so it’s better to start with the truth. The first step is to write a detailed description of the car. Leave out the useless details, but don’t forget to include the most important ones, like manufacturing year, mileage, color, condition, and possible issues.


Be as open and detailed as you can. Keep the title of the ad short, but feel free to add more details in the body of the ad. If you want, you can state the reasons why you’re selling the car, how many owners the car had, or describe the driving experience with this car – these tricks will attract your buyers. And don’t be afraid to often test drives to demonstrate your openness and honesty to future buyers.

Be responsive

When you’re selling anything online – a car, a mobile phone, property, or furniture – it’s essential to state all of your contact information directly in the add. Provide the buyers with several ways to reach you. For example, you can write your email, your telephone number, your Skype/Google Hangouts/Viber name. You can even leave your Facebook page address to make it clear for the buyers that you are a genuine seller, and not a scammer.


If you want to sell a vehicle as quickly and effectively as possible, make it easy for potential buyers to contact you. Try your best to always answer your phone calls and emails – otherwise the buyers may think the car is already sold. And be attentive towards scammers as well – never transfer money or sign any documents before making sure the deal is legit.

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