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Sports future technologies you would have never dreamt of # 2

cThere is no doubt: new technologies change our life for better! This applies to our household activities and to our daily sports activities as well.

And if cutting-edge devices and equipment make us not only more adaptable, but also more stylish –that is only a plus!


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Zepp Golf  tracker for golf

Zepp Golf 1

Finally, innovation reached such status sport as golf, unobtrusively resolving its conservative nature. Especially for capitalists-beginners who have not yet learned how to hold the stick, they developed Tracker Zepp Golf.


Almost imperceptible for the views of the opponents device is fixed to the glove, it analyzes every hit that you make – in all three dimensions and at any angle. Smart device can record up to 1000 data elements per second. And you get an instant feedback and make necessary conclusions!


 Zepp Golf analyses:

  • accuracy and form of a shot;
  • the speed of the stick movement;
  • the rotation of the hip and other settings.

Zepp Golf 5

Zepp Golf 6

Zepp Golf – Using Zepp on the Golf Course

Today iOS Zepp sensor is available for iOS and Android (iPad app will also be soon available).

Download Zepp Golf app by By ZEPP TECHNOLOGY:

[appbox appstore 738428692?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.zepp.zgolf&hl=uk simple]

Smart sneakers: Micropacer by Adidas and LunarGlide 6 by Nike

In sports career for speed and racing every second and every centimeter are important, so modern sports sneakers have stepped confidently into the future long ago.

Micropacer 3

Having conducted plenty experiments with forms and materials, Adidas decided to make their sneakers even smarter by designing in lineup of Originals a Micropacer model. The original model contained a microprocessor located on left shoe tongue with pedometer, stopwatch and LCD screen.

Micropacer 1

Micropacer 2

After entering the information in microcomputer, a special microchip counted the speed, distance, and calories of its owner. Recently the anniversary edition was released with a built-in microcomputer, which counts calories and distance.

Micropacer 4

Up close: Adidas Micropacer

Wasting no time, Nike continues to develop running shoes with unique sole. LunarGlide 6 model is another innovation. These are very lightweight running shoes with high resistance and improved depreciation foam, which changes shape depending on pressure, tilt, and the individual characteristics of the foot.

LunarGlide 6 1

LunarGlide 6 4

Dynamic support, which provides a very resilient, but at the same time responsive cushioning. Lunarlone is an insert between two types of foam. Also in the sixth Lunars there is the Flywire system of laces, which ensures a tight fit of the foot.

LunarGlide 6 3

LunarGlide 6 2

Product Review – Nike LunarGlide 6

Polar V800 activity tracker

???????-?????????? Polar V800 2

Following the Fuelband and Jawbone bracelets, Nike decided to release a new heart rate monitor Polar V800. One of the major innovations is an integrated GPS.

???????-?????????? Polar V800 3

???????-?????????? Polar V800 1

???????-?????????? Polar V800 4

Moreover, the heart rate monitor is designed to withstand up to 50 meters depth, and the most important thing is that battery charge lasts for 13 days without recharging providing round-the-clock monitoring of your physical activity!

???????-?????????? Polar V800 5

REVIEW – POLAR V800 GPS Watch & Activity Tracker – Best GPS Watch?!

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Omega speed tracker

Omega 5

We all know about the Omega Watches. But did you know that this Swiss watchmaker has been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games during the last 100 years?

Omega 1

Omega 3

Recently, Omega presented its innovative technology for recording Canadian sleds speed. Each sled has its sensor that tracks speed data throughout the route, as well as 3D acceleration sensor and 3D gyro (to determine the speed of the sledge bends).

Omega 4

OMEGA bobsleigh technology at Sochi 2014

BMW bobsled


BMW is a loud and well-known name in the world of cars. In addition, BMW, that has a multi-year contract with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), decided to help athletes.

The goal of the Germans was to develop bobsled for the crew of two.  As a result, the company introduced the ultralightweight carbon fibre sledges. The design was inspired by Formula 1 sport cars.


The BMW specialists scanned the bodies of two people and created detailed mannequins for testing and tuning the prototype sled. As a result, American athletes have received one of the fastest bobsled in the world.

Get an inside look at Team USA’s BMW bobsled

Hug sensor that tracks the amount of water you drink

Hug 2

Even those of us who understand the importance of the sufficient water supply may not always follow the amount of water we drink during the day. Hug sensor can help you to solve this problem.

Hug 5

Hug works very simply: bracelet is placed on the bottle. It measures the time spent on the water consumption and calculates how much water you have drunk.

Hug 4Hug 3

Accelerometer inside the device cuts off unnecessary movements (moving the bottle, its fall, etc.), and perceives only the moment when a person drink from the bottle. The special algorithm calculates how much water a man has drunk at a time.

Hug 1

New Invention – The Hug is a convenient sensor + app solution that tracks your water intake

Today, there is another option to help you track the level of water supply using iPhone and Android-based devices – it is Waterbalance app with very simple and intuitive interface.

Download Waterbalance app by Waterbalance:

[appbox appstore 517657679?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.waterbalance&hl=ru simple]

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