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Sly In The Sky: 13 Tips For Flight

Whenever you go and wherever you go, it is always clever to take your knowledge with you, not only the luggage! This knowledge will help you avoid unpleasant situations and save some money.


In this post we will reveal to you several life hacks, which you will need in the process of preparing for the flight – and during the flight.


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Buying discounted tickets is not the only way to fly cheap, you can also use a charter. You don`t necessarily need to have a ticket: travel agencies are always glad to sell some “last minute” seats. It is important to know what days they are cheap. Here the time intervals decide everything: if operator sells a ticket for two weeks, you will have to fly back during  these two weeks, because the places are redeemed based on the principle that the same number of people will fly back.


If your flight is delayed for a long period of time (7-12 hours), and your arrival time will significantly change because of that, feel free to contact Airline Company on arrival – you will be given a room in the hotel.


You can choose places on the plane:

  • Online, after purchasing a ticket;
  • During the online registration, 24 hours before the flight;
  • During the registration at the airport.


The planes are rarely 100% filled: so you can take any vacant seat in your class.


Cannot stand the airplane treats? Take your meal with you – whatever you want – a salad, a cake… Some people even manage to make the instant noodles on board. Just compare your set to the stop-list. You cannot take drinks with you. But they are unlimited on board: you can ask for 3 cans of lemonade at a time and they won`t say no to you!

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During the registration ask for a sticker “FRAGILE” and stick it to your suitcase. Now they will treat it more careful.


There are two different approaches to setting the rules of baggage carriage:

  • weight concept;
  • and piece concept.

Airlines tend to choose a piece concept, because the big suitcase is easier to load than the mount of little handbags. Baggage allowance, depending on the airline and the fare, can be up to 32 kg. Weight per suitcase may not exceed 32 kg because of the fact that the movers are not allowed to lift heavier objects. However, you can always send via cargo terminal a container of 16-kilo weights.


Applause after landing is a bad taste, unless you flew to Russia. Applauds make you look not like a grateful passenger, but like a savage, who is flying the plane for the first time. If you really want to thank the crew for a nice flight, you can pass a few words of thanks to someone from the cabin crew when leaving the aircraft. And in some airlines one of the pilots even goes to the salon to say good-bye to the passengers — in this case you can express your appreciation personally!


If there is a shuttle from the airport to the hotel – why not use it? Most likely, it will be much easier to get to the center from the hotel than from the airport. And some hotels have shuttles to the city center.


In most American and European airports they take charge for a Wi-Fi. But here is our life hack: look for free Wi-Fi in shops on presentational iPads and laptops. By the way, sometimes there is a free Wi-Fi in the business class waiting rooms and near these places. And you don`t even need to know a password.


Savings on low-cost planes are quite doubtful. Because low-cost airlines save on things most passengers can`t refuse of. And even though the choice among low-cost companies is great, you should be prepared for the fact that the “ticket for 10” will be something like an iPhone for 100 bucks. You may find out that you`ll have to pay even more than for the usual ticket. We mean additional charge for a luggage place, carry-on luggage, food, etc.


If your baggage didn`t arrive on time, you can arrange a small shopping at the expense of the airline company. Usually, you are allowed to buy hygienic products – napkins, antiperspirants.

If the luggage is lost on a local flight, they will take it to your address. If it happened on an international flight – you will have to go to the airport to get it. Also, in the case of an international flight before you leave the airport, you need to go to the customs officer and weigh the remaining baggage. If you forgot to do this, you will have to pay fine when taking the lost luggage.


If you ask “how to reach the city” in the information bureau, most likely, they will advise you the most expensive way (but not the fastest and the most convenient). However, if you ask what the cheapest way is, the answer will be – on foot (the same answer in all parts of the world, we`ve checked it many times).

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