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Newest Trends & Technologies In Building A Career

If we say that in today’s world technologies are evolving fast, we say nothing. Today being a professional in your sphere (and related spheres) is not enough. Also, it is not enough to be able to think and adapt quickly, or to know foreign languages.


The important thing is to be able to navigate in the newest trends linked with the workflow.

We have identified major technological trends of nowadays and the near future, which will affect most working spheres.


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Social networks

Social networks 1

Today, in addition to public social media, many companies create their own to use them as their backbone tool. Such networks are convenient for interacting with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Social networks 2

Moreover, the social network is a perfect place for daily communication. It is easy to assume that social networking will soon become a universal element in the integration of all participants of business process.


Gamification in business- Flat design

Gamification is the use of game elements and game approaches in the context of workflow. 

The psychological impact of gamification has been proved long time ago, and many major companies are using this tool today.

Gamification 2

Gamification elements:

  • glasses;
  • badges;
  • prizes;
  • progress-bars;
  • levels;
  • avatars;
  • quests;
  • leaderboards, etc.

Mobile technologies

Mobile technologies 2

It is hard to imagine a person, who is not familiar to the newest mobile technologies – today everybody who has a smartphone, can make his life or his workflow more comfortable.

Mobile technologies 12

Thanks to mobile technologies, you will be able to control everything! And now we are talking about the devices that attach to any surfaces and positively affect communication, trade, cooperation, updating data, etc.

Internet of things

Internet of things 1

Internet of things is already having an impact on different areas of business, and will soon change many carriers.

Internet of things 2

It will have an impact on everyone: geniuses who create the latest smart devices, software developers, who control work of the devices, and even cleaners, who will use touch control to understand what recycling bin is to be cleaned next.

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Electronic assistants

Electronic assistants 1

It’s hard to say right now whether Cortana or Siri help that much, but quite soon all electronic assistants will be equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. And then these programs will really accompany us, helping to solve everyday tasks that we can pass on to their shoulders, without wasting too much time.

Electronic assistants 2

Undoubtedly, very soon in the sphere of servicing and trade everybody will use electronic assistants to optimize their workflow.

Cloud services

Cloud services 1

Cloud services allow you to create an information system that exactly meets the needs of your company “here and now”. And if your needs will change – your information system will change as well. It can grow bigger or become smaller. It is simple, because it is virtual.

Cloud services 2

Many companies transferred their internal software to the cloud storage, because there it is much easier and safer to manage complex data. The leader of the segment is Google Docs.

Cyber Defence

Internet Security System

Today many people understand how many dangers cyber world has and what risks the most ordinary conversation in messenger or using mobile Internet on vacation may cause.

Cyber Defence 2

The need for Cyber Defence and related disciplines will significantly grow in the near future. Even if you don’t need to defend your career this way, the careers of many other people will depend on how they organize the Cyber Defence in their companies.

Big data

The Big Data category includes information that is impossible to handle using traditional methods, including structured data, media and random objects.

To work with them, instead of the traditional monolithic systems, we will have new massively parallel solutions that consist of several independent units, the number of which can be unlimitedly increased.

Success ladder

In the near future Big Data will change many spheres – and careers of individuals. Human resources, marketing, scientific, medical and psychological research, improving produces, customer service, finance, manufacturing and other areas, except the IT sphere, will feel the impact of Big Data.


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