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Naturalists Vs Artists: Who Are More Intelligent?

http://m.c.lnkd.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/p/1/005/072/02e/1e358ba.jpgYou probably noticed antagonism between people of science (especially hard science) and artists. Everyone knows that talented painters often are not of this world. And famous physics are really odd. Well, “Big Bang Theory” demonstrates thinking differences between ordinary people and science nerds. But the most violent debates are about who is more intelligent and makes more contribution into progress. Well, today we will try to find out answers.


At first, we shoud know is there any difference between physicists and lyricists. Intelligence is not a certain quality – one human may have very high cognitive intellect and be almost zero  in math. Also there is a split inside sciences – between humanities and hard sciences. In general all faction are farfetched. The backgroud of problem are differences in thinking. And all conflicts are made by those who doesn’t understand each other.

Very often people choose their future profession due to their favourite subjects in school. But very often favorite discipline is favourite because of a great teacher! It is well known, that mathematical abilities are inherited, but good teacher can help to develop them! As well as other aspects of intelligence – analytical, combinatorial, cognitive and the most important – memory and creativity! There are differences between left-side and right-side people – those, whose left hemi cerebrum is dominant are tend to be artists and have success in languages learning, those, who have right-side brain are more successful in exact sciences.

There are no line between logic and imagination! But there are differences in their manifestation!


Why appear so many jokes about inability of philologus to solve integral equations? Or social troubles of astrophysicists? Read next page!

http://urbanintellectuals.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Intelligence.pngMost of people are approximately skilled in all intelligent aspects: we can solve square equations, can draw simple picture, learn song on foreign language and learn how to grow orchids. And when you pass complex intelligence test, you will get almost round diagram. But if some person has unique abilities in one field, loves to do his job and develops, for example, naturalistic qualities, has introversion emotional type, of course he will have difficulties in communication. Like Sheldon.



Sample extreme are autism and Down syndrome. Some autistics can in mind solve difficult math equations, but have no idea about emotions of familiars – their world inside them.


Persons with Down syndrome will never solve any hard equation, but have very big empathy skills. But such situations are rather exception. Almost in all humans whole intelligence develops harmonious – if you like math, you will hear it even in hard rock music – and you will be interested in it. Bully people make accents on only one of intelligence aspects, forgetting about another, where they are ignoramus.


If scientists remember things in strict order, artists are full of associations.


While scientist is focused on one subject and try to explore it, artist rather sees all stuff around but has no need to know everything about it. Scientists use numbers and terminology, artists – paint and metaphors, but common is CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION.

It is greaat that appear new trend in education – STEAM. And it is really cool when all face-offs can be crushed in the bud!




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