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Meizu: A Worthy Alternate To iPhone 6

Recently a new analogue to iPhone 6 has appeared on the market. It is called Meizu Mx5. It looks completely iPhone-like and works on an Android OS which has its advantages with lots of applications that are not available for iOS for free. But this is not the only characteristic that might be interesting for you to know about.

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1For those who are iPhone 6 design admirers this cell phone can be a worthy analogue. Besides, it is only 7,6 mm thin and all made of metal. Despite its pretty big size of 5,5-inch it fits your hand pretty well – the way you want to keep hold of it.


2The screen is represented by an AMOLED technology followed by the bright, sharp and expressive colors. A unique feature of AMOLED displays is that every single pixel lightens up individually, actively reducing power consumption to zero in dark-hued pictures. Besides, the display is only 1,3 mm thin which is the thinnest one of all Meizu history. This feature makes it more sensitive and the multi-touch is smoother in usage.


3One of the win-win characteristics before iPhone 6 is its capability to hold 2 Sim-cards at the same time. Moreover, both of them are provided with 4G connection which has its advantages when a high-speed Internet is needed. There’s no need to bring two phones with you – this Smartphone is a perfect substitute.


20,7 megapixels camera and 5 megapixels front camera – enough said. Besides, the cameras are tailored with a 6P blue film lens, which is the best of its sort and significantly improves the camera resolution. The MX5 uses laser distance measuring to focus on what you want to shoot at high speed. As a result, you can focus in just 0.2 seconds within a range of 50cm, no matter if it is bright or dark.


5The brand new 5.0 megapixel front camera is equipped with a large ƒ2.0 aperture, for optimum performance under low light conditions. FotoNation 2.0 intelligent beautification is now included in combination with the already existing Face AE facial exposure strengthening technology. Just press the shutter button and your pictures will automatically be beautified in real-time!

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The MX5 offers 100fps 720P slow-motion video for an even more detailed view of the world. Besides, MX5 can record 4K video and stores them at the highest compression rate using H.265 coding technology. Meizu’s built-in video player smoothly plays 4K video, and is great for instant playback. Now you are able to record your own 4K videos and share them with the whole world!



The power side of this Smart phone is presented by a 3150-megampere battery with the capabilities of using it up to 2 days without recharging. Another special feature of Meizu MX5 is the fast-charging technology. It can recharge 25% of the battery within 10 minutes and up to 60% within 40 minutes only. Isn’t that a great thing to be able to save the time and energy?


Finger-print identification

8A new mTouch 2.0 identification chip has been added on the MX5. With the resolution increased by 81%, mTouch 2.0 can collect more information on the users’ fingerprint, thus greatly improving its accuracy. The MX5 fingerprint sensor has been redesigned. The chip module and key are encapsulated together and are fixed with screws on the support board. More modular design takes durability one step further. And the new fingerprint button has proven to withstand 300,000 presses without any problems.

Favorable price

9Last but so much not least is the price which is half the iPhone 6 price. Therefore this Smart phone is the best choice corresponding to “price-quality” characteristics. The decision is after you!

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