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Keep Calm & Fight Diabetes!

Diabetes is a common disease that is very difficult to treat. In most cases, doctors prescribe insulin injections and systematic taking of pills. However, none of these methods is a salvation – moreover, strong medicinescan be quite harmful for the body.The best option is to use natural remedies.

This post reveals some nuances of this complicated problem.


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One thing is true: different people suffer diabetes differently. Therefore, the treatment is quite individual. Nevertheless, the overall strategy set out below is the foundation for building an individual program of treatment.
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The main causes of diabetes


  • regular intake of excess glucose in blood from food (carbohydrates);
  • excessive absorptionof food in small intestines;
  • a liver overrun with glycogen and glucose and with the newly formed fat.

Four levels of effective strategy for 2 type diabetes treatment


  • Level 1: Low-carbohydrate diet.
  • Level 2: Low-carbohydrates diet + physical activity.
  • Level 3. Low-carbohydrates diet + exercising + diabetes pills that increase tissue sensitivity to insulin.
  • Level 4. Low-carbohydrates diet + exercising + insulin injections + diabetes pills.

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If the low-carbohydrates diet is not enough to lower blood sugarrate – go to the second level. If the second level does not compensate diabetes entirely — add the pills.

Diabetic-super foods

In complex and advanced cases you should involve the fourth level and inject insulin, while diligently continue a low-carb diet. If a patient thoroughly keeps to the diet and exercises with pleasure, then the required doses of insulin are quite small – and eventually the need for injections might disappear.

Diet 2

And, of course, one should always remember about the foods that are prohibited for diabetics. In order to avoid the lack of natural minerals, diabetics are often prescribed a certain vitamin complex.


If you cannot keep to the low-carb diet, and are prone to binge eating-use medications that help control appetite. Remember: overeating is one of the main causes of diabetes! Therefore, in some cases, doctors advise patients to undergo a course of weight loss therapy, or to take detox drugs.

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The truth about diabetes pills

There are some diabetes medications, which bring nothing but harm. Thesepills stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin.

Type 2 diabetes patients produce by 2-3 times more insulin than healthy people even without the pills. The problem of people with diabetes is that they have low sensitivity of cells to insulin action. This metabolic disorder is called insulin resistance. In such a situation, taking pills that stimulate the secretion of insulin is similar to whipping their own pancreas.


Another big disadvantage of the pills that stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin is that they cause hypoglycemia. This often happens if a patient took the wrong dose of pills or forgot to eat on time.

At the same time, the right cure for diabetes are the drugs that increase insulin sensitivity. There are several types of medicines that partially solve the above problem of insulin resistance. The best-known drugs are metformin (Siofor pills or Glucofaj) and pioglitazone (sold under the names Pioglar, Diaglitazon, Aktos).

Insulin injections

Type 2 diabetics like to postpone their insulin treatment. But do not try to replace insulin injections with pills!


Get total control of blood sugar rate for at least 3 days, or for a week. If at least once after eating sugar rate was 9 mmol/l and above — immediately start insulin treatment, combined with the low-carb diet. Because no medications will help in this situation. First, by using injections of insulin and proper diet make your blood sugar drop to the target values. And then you should think about reducing the dose of the insulin!

Aloe Vera juice for diabetes treatment

Not everybody knows about that, but Aloe Vera very effectively helps fight diabetes.


The juice of this plant contains many substances – for example, catechin, that has a positive effect on the circulatory system. Other microelements help the digestive system, normalize metabolism, lower cholesterol rate. Flavonoids help the body to withstand various viruses and bacteria.


Taking stabilized Aloe Vera drink combined with systematic reduction of carbohydrate intake, helps fight the problem of fatty liver.


If you carefully control the type 2 diabetes,by means of low-carbohydrate diet, exercising and, if necessary, insulin injections, damaged or weakened beta cells can restore their function!

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