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Georgia: Amazing Facts To Know

“Traveling is champagne of life”. And I have experienced this huff-cap to its full when gotten acquainted with the completely different culture of Georgia.

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Not so long ago I have returned from Georgia, the one that’s not a part of the USA but that is a separate state with its governance and its unique culture. I must say it was a great experience to get in touch with something completely new and unknown.

The people

Nviluka8s8ATo begin with, people here are very hospitable and they consider you as part of their family after talking to you for as long as 1 hour.
Later on don’t be surprised to get invited to stay at their home for several days. Whenever you go with them – whether it’s a café, restaurant or a public transport, they pay for themselves and for you as for their precious guest.

utbbGb0ek0oEven if you haven’t met a person before but you did something good to one of the members of their family, you’ll be very welcomed to their home and will be treated as a family member. You’ll be provided with everything – starting from home clothing and finishing with towels, creams, shampoos and shower gels – everything for your comfort and well-being.


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The food & drinks

Traditional cuisine here is mostly made of flour. But still, you won’t gain here any extra weight as here are a lot of places where to go and what to see so you’ll be exercising with walking for long days. Coming back to most popular traditional meals you should definitely try:


It is a warm, gooey cheese-stuffed bread that oozes and drips with heart-stopping goodness. In addition to the standard round pie stuffed with cheese, other variations include egg-topped, the four-fold filo dough pocket, and tarragon, mushroom and rice-stuffed pies.



Beautifully twisted knobs of dough, usually stuffed with meat and spices (served boiled or steamed). The trick: to eat without making a mess of yourself with the hot broth inside. Sprinkle with black pepper and grab the dumpling by the handle and turn upside down. Take small bites from the side, slurping broth as you go.



Grilled minced meat sprinkled with sumac and onion slices, wrapped in thin lavash-like bread. I was surprisingly never disappointed by it.


Proceeding with the popular drinks here I can’t but mention real Georgian wine the best label of which is Saperavi. But there are some other completely unique drinks you won’t find anywhere but here.


TZSfcNfavIwThe drink of sadists and masochists throughout the Georgian countryside. Oddly enough, it’s common practice to have a small drink of the stuff in the morning, apparently to ease the effects of a heavy morning meal.

Georgian brandy

SBT5AAAxojQSurprisingly smooth and easy to drink. Though Armenian brandy gets a lot of press, Georgian brand is worth a taste.

Tips: don’t buy tea here, even though you’ll be told it is very tasty here. It is better to try their coffee – a very tasty and flavoured.

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Traditional dancing

It is definitely better to be seen than read about. That’s why you better watch the video I have found for you to enjoy. But as a quick introduction you should know that it is almost a shame if someone of family members cannot dance. When you are at the party or at the wedding and you are invited by a complete stranger when the music turns on, you should know what the melody is and what kind of dancing you are going to perform together. It is also important to mention that boys here are real men – they manage to dance on their knees (!) and not just dance but jump! Just watch it and get assured about that!

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The landscapes and nature

As I already mentioned before, in Georgia you will get lost among numerous historical places, monuments, parks, museums, etc. There is literally no time to feel bored. From the ancient buildings that have survived the two wars to the modern pieces of art like galleries and fountains on the streets.


Besides, the landscape is so various here that you may either find a waterfall in the center of capital city or you may almost touch the clouds when climbing up to the highest peak of the city. This is all very much charming and eye-catching when experienced personally. So don’t waste a minute to discover this completely new world on your own.


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