Did You Win “Google Anniversary Award”?

http://www.cayman27.com.ky/files/2013/01/phishing-emails.jpgUntil exist foolishness and naivety there will be scammers who use people. Sometimes their uses seem to be so truthful, that even sophisticated persons fall into scammers’ hands!

Today JiJi wants to share with you information about anniversary “Google” lottery, rather called anniversary lottery scam.

From time to time on different forums in many countries appear branches with similar request: I won Google lottery!” Of course, reasonable people contact with Google support and specify, is it true.

But when I receive letter
“Dear Google User,
You have been selected as a winner for using Google services. Find attached email with more details.

Larry Page
CEO of Google
©2015 Google Incorporation.”
I was amazed and glad!  In Attached files I found next message



Thanks to God, I was wonder, what kind of lottery I just won! Of course, I use Google services, but never heard about any awards.

Google support on my request sent me next:

It is a fake and a scam.  Click the down arrow next to ‘Reply’, at the top-right of the message pane. Select ‘Report Phishing’. This will alert the team.
Read more about such attempts in the links included under references.
For starters, All official Google correspondence will arrive to you from a @google.com address. Not a @gmail.com, @google.org or @googlemail.com address. If the domain of the address is anything other than a @google.com,  address, it is fake.
Whenever in doubt about the authenticity of a mail, check whether the email was authenticated by the sending domain. Click on the drop-down arrow underneath the sender’s name (next to the receiver’s name), and make sure the domain you see next to the ‘mailed-by’ or ‘signed-by’ lines matches the sender’s email address. If you see messages claiming to be from google.com, but are not properly authenticated as coming from google.com, then they are, phishing messages.
http://www.uidaho.edu/~/media/Images/orgs/ITS/Help%20Desk/feeding%20the%20phish_FONT2-01.ashx?h=201&w=300What is interesting: this anniversary winning notifications appear every year! Be careful – do not give scammers a chance!
If you didn’t participate in any lottery, do not send answer on such letters – before search all information about sender.
What else? Read safely tips and never sent money for suspicious deals.
Use JiJi safe – scammers can mask, but if you know safely tips – you will never be abused!

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