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Buy A Used Phone Safely

In the modern day and age smartphones are no longer luxury – they’re simply a necessity. There are so many things you can do using just your smartphone with an Internet connection that today a lot of people cannot imagine life without smartphones at all.

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However, buying a new smartphone can break your bank, especially if you want a high-end flagship model with a modern look and hundreds of different features. But don’t worry – your solution is to buy a used phone! Buying a used phone seemingly has lots of advantages; most importantly, it’s a way to save money, but only under the condition that you pay maximum attention to the purchasing process and don’t let the seller fool you.

Write down your expectations

When you go online shopping for a smartphone, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. First of all you need to decide if you want an iPhone or an Android smartphone. If your choice is Android, then you need to pick between Samsung, LG, HTC, and other smartphone brands. Or, perhaps, you want a Nokia or Blackberry phone?


After you’ve made your decision regarding a brand, you need to choose several other parameters of your purchase, most importantly, the price. Setting a price range and looking for phones that fit it is the fastest and most effective way to successfully buy a used smartphone.

Know where to look for a phone

Nowadays the Internet is the most reliable and versatile source of online shopping. If you go to a trusted website with online ads like JiJi, you will discover thousands of offers with phones ranging from cheap and simple to expensive luxury models. By using filters and keywords you’ll be able to find the exact offers you’re looking for without looking at endless ads that don’t fit your demands and preferences.


When you’re looking at an online ad, you need to carefully inspect it in order to not fall victim to a scam. See if the seller has any rating or reviews from previous buyers. Make sure the seller provided genuine photos of the smartphone and an informative description. Beware of the ads that ask you to pay for the smartphone or its delivery in advance: lately there have been numerous scams in this regard.

Arrange a meeting

Arranging a meeting with the seller is one of the most important steps in buying a used smartphone. Before the meeting is set up, talk to the seller and ask him to describe the phone’s condition in details. Also don’t forget to ask what comes with the phone: for example, if the package includes the charger, headphones, data cable, guarantee list, memory card, and box.


Try to meet with the seller in a well-populated location: a restaurant, shopping mall, or office. Another thing to do to prevent being scammed by a dishonest seller is to check if the phone was stolen. For instance, you can ask the seller to provide a receipt from the store he originally bought his phone from. Also you can check the phone’s status and history by tracking it using its IMEI number.

Inspect the phone

As soon as the seller arrives with the smartphone, perform a quick visual inspection of the phone to see if there are any appearance defects: scratches, dents, cracks, etc. Pay special attention to the screen, because this is where the scratches and cracks appear most often.


Then turn the phone on and browse through the menu to check if the operating system is working properly without freezing or crashing all the time. Additionally, make a phone call to see if the dynamic and the microphone are in a proper condition and the signal is okay. If you’re planning to buy an iPhone, check if it is unlocked, because if the phone is locked, you will either have to pay for it to be unlocked, or not be able to use some of the most vital phone features.

Pay for the phone

As we’ve already said, never pay for the phone or delivery in advance, even if the seller seems trustworthy and you want to get your new phone as soon as possible. Make the payment only after you’ve done all kinds of checkups. If possible, ask the seller to provide his contact information in case you have further questions or concerns about your purchase. Good luck and happy shopping!


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