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Bamboo: Big Perspectives Of A Giant Grass-Blade

Recently bamboo is being called “the material of the XXI century”. And really this material has proved to be a solid and reliable one. Moreover, when exploring its capabilities more its area of use is expanding. Read about those that are discovered so far.

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A Wonder-Plant

D12khhEuJdMBamboo is the most quickly-growing plant. It grows with the speed of 2-3 cm per hour. The high score was recorded at one Japanese bamboo with the speed of 1,2 m per day which means 5 cm per hour. This means that this plan can grow to 18-22 meters just in 5-6 weeks. The biggest bamboo plants grow in Brazil and are up to 40 meters high and have 33 cm in diameter.

To get the tree which is ready for its usage you need 20-70 years. Bamboo takes just 3-5 years. That’s why bamboo forests are much more efficient than other broad-leaved trees.

A1ywOe93qtIBy the construction bamboo wood is similar to the oak one but 2,5 times more solid. Financially the cost of building a bamboo house is 8 times less than the same concrete building. And in case of earthquakes the concrete building will fall apart much earlier.

Construction Material

Y-iEkAaYJSsAlthough in the modern world we cannot imagine construction without steel, concrete, and glass, the bamboo is appearing on the market more often recently. It has been used for 2000 years for building bridges, houses, floating crafts, and musical instruments. Nowadays it’s been used in the interior and inside décor. Bamboo distinguishes among other construction materials by its safety and ecological compatibility.

J-yorvctKf4The University of Hunan city in China has developed a dwelling house project. It is fully constructed of bamboo and is called an “ecological house”.

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Green Fabric

vVle_inNIU0Agree, it’s so comfortable and pleasant to wear clothes made of lint or cotton. But even though the bamboo fabric has started to be produced 10 years ago, it has found its admirers. This material is not ecologically clean only but it is soft, light, and has a pleasant natural shine. In addition to it, it doesn’t crumple.

RJYH9FKINdURecently the textile industry prefers bamboo fabric among others. It is being used for producing bed sheets and clothing for children. It is also used for producing coats, jackets and glad rags even.

Means of Transport

Even a transport industry couldn’t resist using bamboo in its production activity. There is a bamboo bicycle already. The bamboo bicycle frame is strong and long-lasting. Besides, it is very light. Bamboo sticks go through heat treatment and are bonded with the hempen grains. Such a frame is not solid only but it looks elegant and luxurious.



4-zDgZwdrTcOne would think – what things bamboo might have in common with the laptops? It has emerged that it has a lot in common actually as ASUS is successfully developing its “bamboo” line of portable computers. In 2007 the company has presented the concept of an EcoBook laptop. Since then the products assortment has significantly grown up.

Kx8lc6QwA80Bamboo lightens the device and makes it more stylish. Such lap top weight 2 kg only together with the battery. Moreover, don’t be afraid to give your children such lap top for their own use as its advantage is – it won’t break down when falling on the ground.

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