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Android Lost: They Will Regret To Have Stolen Your Smartphone!

There are many applications that can detect and remotely control certain features on your smartphone, but almost all of them tend to have a paid status, and even if they have a free version, it has a very limited functionality.

In this sense, Android Lost Free app is unique — many of its features have no analogues, and it is totally free.


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Well, if that has happened – it`s time to act!

But before that – in order to use the program and remotely control your phone from the site, you should install Android Lost app on your smartphone and visit the official website Androidlost.


The application uses the latest technology by Google for remote control of device called Google’s Cloud to Device Messaging system (C2DM).

sign in

Once installed on the smartphone, google-key of the device is sent to the server and next it receives commands from the server via Google Push. That is a positive moment in terms of energy saving of device and reliability of communication channel. On the Androidlost site authorization is done through the Google API by using the account of the controlled device.

After you launch the Android Lost on your smartphone, you should click on “Request Administrator rights” and thus give administrative rights to the program.

Request Administrator Rights i

As a communication channel Android Lost uses your current Internet connection or special SMS.

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Dowload Android Lost app by Theis Borg:

[appbox googleplay com.androidlost simple]

Android Lost app has multiple functions – Go to the next page and find out about the possibilities!


The application has many different functions, the main part of them is in the section Controls.

?????? Controls

For example, Alarm will turn on something like sirens on your phone, and you can set the duration of squalling and blinking. Imagine a thief’s face in a public place. Take your time to enjoy!

?????????? 3

Using GPS, you can determine where the smartphone is at the moment. An error would be up to 50 meters – so you`ll be able to catch the thief!


Message Picture is very important function: it allows you to send a message in the format of a popup window as well as disguise it under, for example, “insufficient memory”, obliging the new “owner” of the device to click “OK”. After this, a front camera makes picture and sends it to the e-mail. This is a good opportunity to see the face of the new owner of your device.

Message popup – displays your message on phone screen.

message popup

So you can ask for a refund of your loss, and at the same time threaten the thief with a karmic abuser … or to offer a reward!


Vibrate – vibration within the specified time.


SMS post – using this function, you can send SMS from your phone to the selected number.

Clicking on the Phone Status, you can get complete information about your phone: how much charging left, IMEI number, and much more.

Phone Status

SMS inbox and sent – displays 10/20/50 last SMS messages.

SMS inbox and sent

Overlay message displays a red text message on top of everything.

Overlay message

Package display function hides the AndroidLost program from the list of installed applications.

Package display

Lock phone — locks the phone, and now you will need to enter a digital code to login.

Lock phone

Sound Recording — records the sound using a phone`s microphone.


Front Camera makes pictures, and Rear Camera is shooting a video, the results are sent to the email and on the website.

Camera 2

Call List — allows you to get a list of all the last phone conversations. It can be useful if you need to find out the contacts of the thief.

Call List

SMS commands — you have the option to manage your phone by means of sending SMS messages from another phone.


  • an extensive range of functions;
  • no advertising;
  • using commands to activate the desired action, sending them via Internet or SMS.


  • poor protection from deletion;
  • Some features need root laws.

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??????????????Phone Status



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