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African Lady, What`s In Your Make-Up Bag?

Traditional set in the make-up bag of a lady in different countries may strongly vary. Moreover, this set can vary from one lady to another! The reasons we can talk about «National peculiarities of make-up bag» can be different: genetic specifics of skin, climate and even your preferences.


But anyway, using statistical data, we managed to define some specific types of cosmetic products every Nigerian lady (who really cares of her skin) has in her make-up bag.


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Black-skinned women have very poriferous skin that is prone to appearance of shine. This can be explained by the specifics of climate of the region – this type of skin copes better with the perspiration in the hot weather. That’s why you`d better have matte, oil free foundation in your make-up bag.

Vichy 1

But if you apply the foundation on the whole face – it may seem flat. So, often ladies use foundations 1-2 shades brighter than their skin tone, applying it onto certain parts of their face – onto the nasal arch (in order to narrow it), to the chin, cheekbones and the middle part of the forehead. This is the best way to make perfect contours.

Vitchy 2

One of the most popular quality foundations is «Norma Teint» by Vichy, made of the natural ingredients only. It perfectly moisturizes and matts the skin, reduces small appearances of skin rash and inflammations. Plus, it doesn’t occlude the pores, letting them breathe freely.

Vichy 3

«Norma Teint» effectively masks the small skin defects, and distributes evenly on the whole skin surface. By the way, it doesn’t create «mask effect» and doesn’t soil the clothing.

Matte gel

This is the next effective matte cosmetic product you should use. Usually it contains zinc that blocks skin fat. It’s strongly recommended to clean your skin before using matte gel. The advantages of this product are indisputable: it makes the skin surface even and visually diminishes pores.


You should definitely try «Pores no more» by Dr.Brandt! It gently cleans the skin pores, effectively restores the water and oil balance and improves the skin resilience. It smoothes the skin structure, making the skin soft and sleek.

Brandt 2

«Pores no more» gel controls shine, and the skin tone becomes deeper, richer and matte.

Brandt 3
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Matte napkins

You can effectively fight intensive skin sebum discharge using quality matte napkins, made of a rice paper. Doing this, you won’t have to use powder several times a day (this way it may shine even more under the several layers of cosmetics).

Cettua 1

So, drying your skin with matte napkins few times a day would be enough – they will effectively adsorb the excess skin sebum!

Cettua 2

Your choice – matte Napkins «Cettua», that can be used upon the make-up. The napkins are thin, transparent, brown by color and soaked with talcum powder. One napkin is enough for all the problem face skin zones – nose, forehead, chin. After using these napkins, you will see that your skin looks like as if you have used powder.

Cettua 3

«Cettua» napkins do not occlude the pores like powder, but perfectly absorb the skin sebum. The effect lasts within several hours.

Cettua 4

Orange corrector

Nearly every black-skinned women use orange corrector as an effective remedy to hide small skin defects or shadows under the eyes – that’s really ingenious way to look better!

Mac 3

«Why orange?», you may ask. Well, the colors from the opposite sides of the color circle eliminate each other. Black-skinned women have their shadows under the eyes violet – that’s why they choose orange skin corrector – «must have» in their everyday cosmetic set.

Mac 2

We recommend you to try «Studio Finish» corrector by Mac, the light remedy with the creamy structure that lays on skin as the non-transparent layer. «Studio Finish» is water-resistant. Its concentrated formula includes smoothing ingredients and effectively masks the skin defects such as pigment spots, pimples, birthmarks and even tattoos.

Mac 1

Such elements, as quartz perfectly absorb the skin fat. SPF 35 protects the skin from the sunlight. «Studio Finish» has a rich color palette.

Shimmering blush

Shimmering blush is perfect for the black skin. But since the black skin shines itself, you should not use too much of this product! That’s why African ladies use shimmering blush carefully – usually they use it on the cheekbones and on the area upon the eyebrows. You should try bronze blush, also suitable for eyelids.

Pupa 4

Light, velvety consistence of Pupa «Like A Doll Luminys» blush will help you to highlight different areas of your face and get a natural and gentle flush effect. It’s formula includes Jojoba oil – effective moisturizer, that protects your skin. A special soft brush helps to easily smudge the blush.

Pupa 1

«Like A Doll Luminys» by Pupa has a dermatologically tested hypoallergenic formula.

Pupa 2

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