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9 Methods To Boost Your Concentration

Being a scatter brain is something natural that no one can change. But still sometimes it comes across our career plans and ambitions and that’s the proper time to think about exercising yourself and boosting your own concentration.

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#1 – Invest in your sleep

Buy some new sheets, change them regularly, and enjoy your sleeping hours devoting enough time to it. You will not be able to concentrate properly if you feel tired so your brain is physically unable to focus on anything. Start with your own health and proceed with…


#2 – …some exercises

xssPddDvssMIt’s important that your body gets enough quantity of exercising each day. It is even better if you take some fitness classes daily that along with boosting your concentration will help your body stay fit and attractive. You need your blood keep circulating on a proper level therefore bringing more oxygen to your brain and this is a very important fuel that helps your mind in concentrating.

#3 – Use a Pomodoro technique

5BNPDnCEszwTaking its name from a Pomodoro timer, which runs for 25 minutes, the Pomodoro technique is a practice of focusing intently on something for 25 minutes and then taking a five-minute break to get coffee, go to the bathroom, whatever.

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#4 – Read physical books

No electronic device will help to boost your concentration as much as physical books. Read, read much and in any possible ways try to do it using paper, touching it, smelling it. All of this influences your tactile senses and brings you closer to your natural concentration.


#5 – A candle flame

Sitting in front of a candle and concentrating on nothing but the flame for 5-10 minutes will enhance your powers of concentration considerably. You could also try watching the water running or other people working. These three things are known to be the most useful when training your concentration.


#6 – Do one thing at a time

It is a huge problem for everyone to concentrate on one thing only. There is always so much staff to do and seems like so little time. Try to organize your tasks and put them in order due to priorities. Move step by step from one task to another one giving all your attention to what you are doing right at the moment. This technique will improve your concentration enormously.


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#7 – Five-more rule

jGoN2qUdK3MIt is very simple to follow. Whenever you feel like quitting or losing concentration, tell yourself to do five more of whatever you were doing. If it’s math problems, do five more problems. If it’s reading, do five more pages. If it’s concentrating, do five more minutes. Find the energy deep within to do five more of whatever you were doing.

#8 – Count from 100 backwards down to 1

8oba9ScFCvMThis may seem an easy one and indeed it is. But still it remains a powerful tool when boosting your concentration. No matter how well you count from 100 backwards down to 1 there are some places where you are not sure what number goes next so you keep your brain alert – just in case.

#9 – Spell words backwards

It is funny and it is useful for your grammar skills. Along with it it’s great for your concentration. Try to read backwards first and proceed with doing it in your head when you feel yourself skillful enough.


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