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6 Tips To Attract Women

Almost in every women’s magazine there is a whole column for secrets and tips how to become attractive for men. Some of them touch person’s qualities that are common for all people. But there is a big difference between attractive man and attractive woman. You want to become popular among girls but can’t or don’t want pretend? JiJi prepared several advices how to attract women staying yourself. But be sure, some things you should change. What are they?

Black prep gentlemen: 6. Be able to talk interestingly
You must be able to tell interesting stories about anything. Any history – is a template, which is easy to memorize. The main hero must be a good guy who get out from big troubles. Another important elements: conflict, tension, a tragedy and a huge percentage of humor. And don’t forget about side characters, which behave unpredictably and unexpectedly. Become a storyteller, and you will be listened by those who love by ears.

http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxoahcU9Gx1qctn5f.png5.  Do not be afraid uppity egging on

One of the most effective skills – to banter her in brash and self-confident manner. Of course, the main thing is not to overdo, but remember to be daring – a sign of the men. How do you know that your audacity not crossed the limit? If after regular antics, she exclaimed, “You fool!” playfully slapping, you should know that everything is going in the right direction. https://regalrealness.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/african-american-couple25.jpgThe main criterion – her laugh. The effectiveness of this method confirms the worldwide popularity of the “House, M.D.” series, where the hero mercilessly make fun of anything that moves. But remember: too many chutzpah – and you will be considered dangerous. Overdo with jokes – and you forever remain a clown.

4. Be friends with attractive girls

Make friends with women that look stunning, but can not be with you – a powerful incentive for other girls to hunt you. Besides you will be able to understand women. They will teach you the proper handling of the fair sex, and if you’re lucky, get acquainted with her friends.
Become a “just another friend” for pretty girl is easy. Once you get out from your head to get her into bed, you destroy the psychological barrier and be able to talk with her about anything.


5. Always be honest, polite and be yourself
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Mt5WQrF9JWY/TmKru-2TNUI/AAAAAAAAAK4/KXodMm26yL4/s1600/gentle2.jpgIf you staring at her décolleté, and she asked: “Where are you looking at?” boldly reply: “Wait a minute, still did not look through.” It will be fair, ethical and natural. But if you start to blush and stutter talking about her pretty blouse – it is a pitiful sight. So, the direct effect is more profitable than bashful attempts.
Extreme? Yes. Efficient and fun? Three times yes!2. Keep your body in good shape

https://ioneblackdoctor.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/men-lifting-dumbbells.jpg?w=350&h=263Even if you have no relief, but able to hold her on hands or do something hard – it will win the hearts.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do exercise, eat healthy foods that will benefit your body. Healthy people always are more attractive!


6. Educate yourself

Try to read more good books – there are a lot of interesting stories you can tell in company. Learn languages – one day it will bring you benefits. Have some hobby you like. Appearance is important, but intelligent interesting man is more popular than dumb handsome one.


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