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6 Steps To The French Fries Of Your Dream

There’s probably no such wide-spread product as potatoes in the entire world. And there’s definitely no such most often cooked meal made of potato as French fries. If you are the one who admires this special meal as other 99% of the Earth’s population, then it’s a high time to learn how to prepare excellent home-made ones!

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Step #1Think thin

qNM7whOqONYThick-cut steakhouse fries have been always pretty much admired if prepared well enough. But, if it’s crispy little batons you’re craving, your best choice is to use 1 cm to 0,5 cm slices, which will provide your fries with a more even ratio of crispy skin to soft interior. Slicing fries by hand is easy with a little practice but if you literally cannot live without fries for more than a day, invest in a dedicated fry slicer.

Step #2 – Soak it

-YEHyORTEZ8It is easy to prepare fries in the oven but adding just one extra step to the preparation process can have a tremendous effect on their texture. Some real shefs say it is pretty much required to soak fries in cold water for 30 minutes just before putting them into the oven. It can help draw out water and starch from the potato making it less susceptible to steaming.

Step #3 – Steam & dry

rOb18kA1RVsWhether you steam or soak, make sure to give your fries a thorough toweling off before sending them into the oven or better yet, lay them out and let them air dry for another 15 minutes. Water + heat = steam. Steam = sagginess. And keep in mind that sagginess is the enemy.

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Step #4 – Heat the oven up

kfe8WRyElwsBefore you actually start your cooking, crank your oven up to 450 degrees and preheat your baking sheet. The tray should be blazing hot before your potatoes hit it. Then, bake the fries for 15 to 20 minutes, toss them around, and turn the oven to 500 degrees for the final 10 minutes of cooking.

Step #5 – Make some room

Jer3gk0Qo5MYour fries just need some space. Because even heat and air circulation around the surface of the fries is essential to achieving crispy exteriors, throwing them onto the baking sheet haphazardly is a surefire way to get not the best results. Instead, aim for one even layer with at least 0,5 cm of space between each piece.

Step #6 – Seize the seasoning

Oo6pw6rPlPcFrench fries without salt are like ice-cream without sprinkles. This is no place for moderation. If you’re feeling fancy, sprinkle some herbes de Provence, pepper, or minced garlic over them with coarse sea salt. Whatever your approach, season generously and get savored with every bite!

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