5 Google Services You Haven’t Heard About

Web search, Gmail, Google Drive, AdWords, Apps for Work, Picasa, Google+… Yeah baby, go ahead & tell me how many Google services do you know! There are dozens of them! Yes, Google does everything to make your life easier!


But have you ever thought of how many inefficient services you are using now – and how many useful services you don`t know yet?!


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Google Body. «Going deeper»

G??gl? came to assistance of a large army of medical students and people interested in medicine. Google Body (or current Zygote body) project represents a cool visualization of human body structure. It is better than any textbook on anatomy!

Google Body 1

Service allows you to penetrate into human skin and tissues, explore a 3D model of the human body with the help of virtual scalpels and examine various life-support systems, moving deeper and deeper, to the smallest capillaries and nerve endings in the circulatory system.

Google Body 2

You will be able to navigate through the layers, increase or decrease the resolution, look for specific points – just as if you would look through the cities or regions in Google Maps. This is a perfect example of WebGL technology, which enables browser to display 3D graphics without the need for plugins.

Google Body 3

There are several viewing modes: for example, in one of them if you move the slider up and down the scale, you will remove the skin, bones, organs, etc. In the other mode, each section has a slider for detailed study of combinations of bones, blood vessels, nerves and muscles.

Google Body 4

Google Body 5

Download Zygote 3D Anatomy Atlas & Dissection Lab app by Zygote Media Group, INC.:

[appbox appstore 667678805?mt=8 simple]

Google Moderator. Collective intelligence for ideas generation

Google Moderator is one of the least known but unique services of Google Apps that allows you to get answers to a wide range of topics, share ideas, and even put forward your own ingenious proposals.

Google Moderator 3

In particular, this service was used to collect questions to Barack Obama for Youtube Conference.

Google Moderator 4

Google Moderator 5

The user can put forward his own topic, participate in discussion — or simply express his opinion.

Google Moderator 1

Main features:

  • you create a topic, invite participants, you can publish it on your site (or in Google Wave);
  • customers can add ideas or vote for the existing ones;
  • the most popular ideas float up;
  • you can comment on each idea;
  • the owner of the topic can moderate it.

Google Moderator 2

Download Moderator app by Dev.at.android:

[appbox googleplay net.srcz.android.moderator&hl=ru simple]

Google Image Swirl. Smart search of images

If you are not impressed with the search of the analogous pictures by Similar Images – try Image Swirl! It uses a phonetic algorithm for query refinement.

Google Image Swirl 5

Entering a query, you see the “cloud”. When you click on any picture, there forms a cluster made of meta tags, titles and descriptions.

Google Image Swirl 1

For example, when searching for images of Washington, the pictures will appear sorted in specific groups:

  • photos related to the capital of the United States;
  • to President Washington;
  • to the Washington Monument, and so on.

Google Image Swirl 2

Google Image Swirl 3

Google Image Swirl 4
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Google Inbox. Smart mailer!

Google Inbox 2

Now it is much easier to sort your mail! Inbox allows you to create your own shortcuts so that your:

  • letters from employees were in one section;
  • emails about forthcoming party – in the second one;
  • emails from your best friends – in the third one.

Google Inbox 3

Google Inbox 4


  • Similar messages are grouped and you can handle them all at once and delete with one click;
  • Get important information without opening a message. You can immediately buy tickets, check the status of orders in the stores and watch photos;
  • Create reminders directly in your mailbox, now you won`t forget about important stuff;
  • Reminders and emails can be snoozed, you can return to them at home, next week or anytime you like;
  • In Google Inbox you can easily find the necessary addresses and emails, and you don’t have to look through hundreds of messages for that;
  • Compatibility with GMAIL. Inbox is created by Gmail team, and it has all your emails. It has the same reliability and all the anti-spam functions Gmail has.

Google Inbox 5

Google plans to increase the number of Inbox users every week. Today you can install Google Inbox on Android devices (4.1. and later versions), iPhone (iOS 7 and later versions) and in Chrome on your computer.

Download Inbox app by Google, Inc.:

[appbox appstore 905060486?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.inbox&hl=ru simple]

Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder was created to give people an opportunity to reconnect with friends and relatives after natural disasters and other crisis events. The project was developed after the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 and is a part of a crisis response system by Google.

Google Person Finder 1

Service for people search Google Person Finder became popular in March 11, when there was an earthquake in Japan. It is known that the service helped to reconnect many relatives and friends.

Google Person Finder 2

Google Person Finder 3

Today the service has more than 600 thousand records and this information has always been open for everyone. However, the service’s creators understand that this kind of data is very useful immediately after a crisis moment, but in time start to lose its relevance.

Google Person Finder 4


There is no better way to find buyers and sellers than to try making it on JiJi. Why look for a needle in a haystack? Join us!



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