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5 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Look

There is a popular belief that men don’t worry about their looks as much as women do, but this belief is nothing more than a myth. In fact, men want to look as good as possible. That happens for a variety of reasons: some want to impress their boss or colleagues, while others want to make a better impression on women they meet.

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Whatever your reasons for wanting to look better are, it’s rather hard to improve you look if you don’t know anything about fashion and style. But don’t worry – with our 5 easy tips you’ll look sharper and more attractive than ever before.

1. Wear clothes that fit

There is nothing more telling that a man can’t dress himself right than ill-fitting clothes. Sure, finding clothes that fit you like a glove is not an easy task at all, but keep in mind that no matter how much money you spend on a new wardrobe, clothes that don’t fit will never make you look better.


With the modern assortment of shirts, jeans, suits, and T-shirts, finding good-fitting clothes shouldn’t be too hard. However, if you have a non-standard size or physical features that make it impossible to buy fitting clothes right off the rack, going to a professional tailor might be a good idea. A great tailor will turn any ill-fitting item of clothes into an outfit that will improve your whole look.

2. Build a classic wardrobe

A lot of people think that men care less about fashion and more about style, compared to women, but the majority of guys are still prone to blindly following the trends without paying attention to whether the new outfits suits them.


To avoid this mistake we advise you to invest into a classic wardrobe. In today’s setting a classic wardrobe usually consists of a formal suit, perfect for events like weddings, a pair of goof-fitting trousers, several dress shirts in a variety of colors, a dark blue blazer, several pairs of different-colored jeans, and a selection of shoes and boots for every occasion.

3. Mind your posture

For men, posture can either make or break your whole look. You’ve probably witnessed it before: even if a guy is wearing expensive clothes from a famous designer, but is slouching and looks down on the ground, his look will never be as appealing and impressive as the look of a guy who may be dressed modestly, but whose whole posture radiates confidence and pride.


Even if you can’t afford top-notch clothes yet and are forced to wear outfits that are neither expensive nor high fashion, make sure you’re standing or sitting straight. Don’t slouch, don’t stand there looking at your own shoes, and keep your face open and smiling – that way people you meet will instantly recognize you as a confident person worthy of their attention.

4. Keep your hair in check

There are hundreds of possible hairstyles and ways to wear your facial hair available to men, but that doesn’t mean every style will suit you. You should base your hairstyle on three factors: your age, your facial features, and your occupation. Mismatching the hairstyle and fashion hair style with your features may result in a messy look.


If you’re not a rock star or a popular actor, try to keep your hair within the reasonable length – not only do standard hairstyles make you look more respectable, but they are also very easily maintainable. As for the facial hair, you already know that beards and mustaches are in trend right now, but it is also advised to keep them trimmed and in order, so that they don’t distract attention from your facial features and overall look.

5. Work on your smile

Even if you don’t care too much about fashion, style, hair and other stuff, there are still things you can’t ignore, like clean skin, freshly washed hair, and white teeth. Smiling is one of the most natural reactions we all experience, which is why any exchange between you and people you meet cannot be imagined without a genuine smile. Make sure your smile is as charming as you are by taking proper care of your teeth and whitening them in case there is a need to.


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