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5 Apps To Keep Your House Clean

For many people getting stuff done around the house feels like a waste of time. Even if you have a small one-bedroom apartment, there are still so many things you need to do to keep the house tidy, and if you have a large family living in a large house, your house chores start taking all of your time.

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But what about work, hobbies, hanging out with friends and travelling on your favourite car? Don’t worry – we’ve got your covered. Simply take your iPhone or Android phone, download one or all of the following 5 apps, and your house cleaning will never be hard again!

1. Chorma

Chorma is a perfect app for families where every member has certain tasks and chores around the house. If your spouse, children or parents happily help you around the house, an app like Chorma is a great way to distribute tasks. This app saves a lot of your time and brings the family closer together, while every one of your family members is being productive.


This app can be used on any Apple device. Connect your whole family with the help of the app, and distribute tasks daily. As soon as your family member sees a house chore they like, they can instantly reserve it and get points for completing the task.

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2. Fairshare

Fairshare is a free app for both Apple and Android user. In a lot of ways it is similar to Chorma. In essence, Fairshare is a medium for the whole family to interact with while they’re completing tasks around the house. Fairshare also has a useful feature where you can create shopping lists and assign a family member to go shopping.


Fairshare has a fun and useful points system. As soon as a family member completes a task, they get a certain number of points. After a set number of points (50, 300, 1000) is reached, the rest of the family does something nice for this family member. Additionally, you can accumulate points collectively as a family, and when the number of points reaches your set number, you can take your family out for a dinner or to have fun.

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3. Zillow Digs

If you not only want to keep your house clean, but also want to slightly remodel it, Zillow Digs is an iOS app that you will find incredibly useful. This app is filled with project and renovation stories from other users. You can take any project for remodelling or repair and calculate the cost of doing the same project in your house or apartment. There is no better way to find inspiration and help when it comes to house design, renovation and remodelling.


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4. Chore Checklist

Available both for iPhones and Android phones, Chore Checklist is a wonderful app for people who lack motivation when it comes to doing stuff around the house. If you feel like house chores are eating too much of your time and there are too many things to do, simply download Chore Checklist and you’ll instantly feel relieved.


What this app does is that it lets you plan everything you need to do. Add stuff to the checklist, set a deadline, and set up reminders to help you not forget about the chores. With this great app you’ll never feel overwhelmed by house chores again – when you can plan all the chores and pick the most suitable day and time for doing stuff, it helps you get rid of the feeling that you’re virtually buried under your obligations.

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5. Brightnest

Brightnest, an app available both for iOS and Android, is not like the other apps on our list. Instead of telling you what to do exactly, this app tells you the best way to do whatever you need to do. For example, if you need to clean your fridge, simply find the corresponding section in the app and discover dozens of tips for effortless and effective fridge cleaning.


Overall there are 8 categories of household tips in Brightnest, so you’ll be sure to find the piece of advice for every house chore you need to complete. Every tip under every category is displayed on a colourful screen and is divided into several steps, detailing everything you need to do to complete the task. With Brightnest your house will sparkle without too much of your effort!

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