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You Are Working – They Are Watching You: DLP Technologies

During the economic crisis, many companies are faced with the problem of informational leakage and corporate espionage, kickbacks, thefts, etc. Leading analytical companies claim that since the end of the last year there has been an unprecedented upsurge of internal threats.

Reduction of income leads to a desire to earn extra money on the side, and sometimes just to steal something.

But recently the newest software tool was developed that can deal with the above problems – DLP, or Data loss prevention software.


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Modern DLP systems designed to protect corporate information are capable of tracking every click of an employee in the office – to monitor and intercept corporate and personal emails, messages in social networks, conversations on Skype, workflow and data backups on removable devices and cloud storages, queries in search engines, using applications and so on.

The cost of a DLP license for large company, on average, is rather big, but the damage from internal threats is 2-3 times bigger, plus keep in mind another big expanse you`ll have to spend on dealing with the consequences!

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How does the security system work?

On the screen of a program situational center, you can watch in real time what is happening in the office:

  • in the left column you see the incidents – the violations of internal circulation regime;
  • in the centre you see the “dossier” — avatars of “risky” employees;
  • on the right is the information requiring immediate check: for example, suspicious letters, which you should review before sending.


The developers claim that the system is able to intercept the messages even in secure messengers before encryption — from the keyboard. Although using the VPN networking, anonymizers, messengers with encryption should immediately raise a suspicion of security service.

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Real life examples


DLP-systems developers usually advise company management to inform the staff that during the working time all their corporate information is being checked. But that is not always so. And some employees do not worry about it.

One recent example: In a large metallurgical company, chief engineer had an agreement with hardware store manager — they understated the amount of produced and brought to warehouse products, and sold the leftovers. And they discussed their affairs by mail!


And in one of the largest banks in Europe, they discovered a “credit carousel” — conspiring between bank staff on lending to fictitious firms.

One major European IT company, which sells in Russia its own brand of created in China gadgets — smartphones, tablets installed a “pilot” of DLP system. In two weeks they received evidence of theft by one of the top managers. During half a year of work in the company, he organized a system of fake Chinese firms. DLP system intercepted correspondence of a top manager with his employees in China, where they discussed the schemes of work and sums. It cost a company about $ 20 million.


They often try to outsmart the system: employee writes messages through personal e-mail using a personal laptop or smartphone, although in serious companies it is prohibited by the rules of internal security.

Smartphone now becomes the main instrument for informational theft — according to a report by Gartner, 75% of applications on gadgets of employees are dangerous for employers. One office worker made shots of fresh protocols of the tender committee from working computer screen, at home he copied the photos on his computer and sent to competitors.

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DLP and social networks

In negotiating room of a large IT company was held a birthday party of one of the workers: balls, congratulations, cake. And, of course, celebratory selfie. On one of the images uploaded on Instagram, there was a board with numbers and plans that wasn`t wiped after the meeting. Information came under non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and the picture was removed, the girls were warned that they can`t make photos in negotiating room.


Recently, an employee of one of the banks photographed and uploaded on Facebook corporate accountability, which was laid out in the lobby. Shareholders from the United States were outraged that they now receive this kind of information through social networks; the worker was rebuked.

The system will soon collect posts, likes, and analyze the behavior of people.


One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to start your own business is to use the largest portal – JiJi!



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