Infographic: Why JiJi.ng Is So awesome

The reasons why JiJi.ng is awesome are obvious!


1) We have more that 35 000 sellers online DAILY

2) Your ad can be seen by more that 150 000 buyers DAILY

3) We have a hero – his ads were in the top for more than 100 000 times!

4) You can post more than 200 ads simultaneously !

5) Make money: some of our sellers make over N 10 000 DAILY

6) Highest priced item is N2 000 000 000 and was it was sold!

7) The lowest priced item is only N 5. But there is something cheaper – our app! It’s FREE!

8) Over 1 950 000 calls are made each month!

9) General cost of items on the site has passed N 20 000 000 000

10) We care for you! So that is why we blocked over 12 000 scammers and continuing to do so!

Buy & Sell on JiJi.ng!

Buh fam

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