Top 5 Computer Problems And Solutions, Part 2

Imagine a situation: you’re sitting at your desk, working on your computer. You might be doing some work, looking for new clothes or car, chatting with your friends, watching a movie, or playing a video game. Everything was going fine until suddenly your computer starts acting weirdly, not the way it used before.

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There are so many things that can go wrong with a computer that you need to have a lot of experience to deal with the most frequent problems. Last week we’ve covered 5 most common computer problems with solutions, and now we’re ready to continue solving 5 more computer problems.

1. Blue screen of death

If you ask experienced computer users about the thing that frightens them the most while using a PC, it will probably be the Blue Screen of Death, or BSoD. Essentially BSoD is a blue screen filled with white text that pops up unexpectedly while your computer is running. You can’t do anything, press any buttons, or access any documents, which might be very frustrating.


Contrary to a popular belief, BSoD can be cured by simply rebooting your computer. The only downside of a sudden BSoD is that your documents might be lost if you haven’t previously saved them, but if it’s not a problem for you, then you have no reason to be scared by the BSoD – just reboot your computer and everything may be back to normal.

2. Can’t install applications

Most computer users have several dozen applications installed on their PC – there are work applications, entertainment applications, video games, and so much more. However, these applications cannot always be successfully installed on a computer – there is a number of things preventing them from doing it.


The most common reason for errors in app installation is lack of space on your hard drive. This problem can be easily solved – just delete the files and folders you no longer need. Another reason may be a conflict of systems – for example, if an application is designed for Windows 10, you might experience problems installing it to Windows XP until you upgrade your system.

3. Applications run too slowly

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to do some work on your computer and struggling because of an application that keeps freezing. Not only is it rather annoying, but you also risk losing your documents in case the app suddenly crashes.


The first thing to do when an app is running too slow is to check your hard drive space – if there are only a couple of megabytes of free space left, the system will keep freezing. Clean the hard drive to optimize its work. Another reason for slow apps might be the lack of RAM. Additionally, if you haven’t updated your system for a while, it might also cause your apps to run slowly.

4. Important files are missing

There are so many ways for essential files and documents to get lost – you might accidentally hit the Delete button, your children might not be careful enough, or your hard drive may crash. First of all, look in the recycle bin – the files might still be there.


If the recycle bin is empty, don’t lose hope yet – before the deleted files are overwritten with new files, they are still stored on the hard drive, and you can retrieve them using special computer applications. Don’t download any files before you retrieve the lost files, otherwise the lost files can get overwritten. To avoid such situations in the future, buy an external hard drive and store your backup files there.

5. The computer keeps restarting

When your computer begins restarting every couple of minutes, it becomes impossible to get any work done. A constantly rebooting computer may mean a lot of things, from bad connections to problem with your hardware, and it’s important to determine which one it is in your case.


First of all, make sure the computer is not overheating. If it is, clean the cooling system and the inside of the PC to get rid of the dust. Next, check if all cables are properly connected – if the cables have gone bad, your computer will lack power to run. If you’re working on a laptop, inspect the battery to see if it has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

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