Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Cars

Have you heard about the latest environmental trend that took over the whole planet? Everyone is going green now! But what does it mean for us, the average buyers? Well, you might have already noticed that new electric appliances like air conditioning, washing machines, and dishwashers, are marketed as being safer for the environment. Another major environmental change came with hybrid cars.

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Essentially, hybrid cars visually look the same as their ordinary counterparts, the only difference being in their engines. Hybrid cars typically operate two engines, one conventional, petrol or diesel engine, and one electric engine. When you’re driving at low speed, the car is powered by the electric engine, and as you speed up, the conventional engine comes into play. As hybrid cars are gaining more popularity in Nigeria, we can’t help but wonder: what are the main advantages and drawbacks of these cars?


We buy hybrid cars for different reasons, but here are the biggest advantages of owning a hybrid.

Less costly than conventional cars

In many countries of the world governments introduced special programs where buyers can buy hybrid cars at super low prices – it’s done to lower the pollution levels by encouraging drivers to use electric engines. Nigeria has not introduced this program yet, but it might do so in the next couple of years, and everyone will be able to get a huge discount on a hybrid car.


Environmentally friendly

No one can argue about the giant negative effect conventional cars have on the environment. High levels of CO2 emission, as well as polluting the atmosphere with other gases, make hybrid cars a safer and less damaging alternative to usual cars. Environmentally friendly technologies get more advanced every year, which is why hybrid cars are becoming less and less harmful.


Lower fossil fuel use

urlConventional cars run on fossil fuel, specifically, petrol and diesel. These fuels are called non-renewable, and their production and implementation causes a lot of damage to various systems of the earth. Hybrid engines, however, use much less fossil fuel, which can give the nature a rest while protecting the environment. Plus, with a hybrid car you’ll be spending less on fuel, which will improve your family budget.

Great resale value

No matter which conventional car you’ve owned before, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda, or Mercedes Benz, their resale value is not too high. It means that you can buy a new car, and when you decide to sell it in a few years, its prices will be much lower than what you’d paid for it. However, it doesn’t happen with hybrid cars yet – since hybrid cars are still a novelty in Africa, you can resell your car at a very high price, because many buyers will not miss an opportunity to cut their fuel money by half.


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Although owning a hybrid car gives you a lot of financial, social and environmental benefits, there are still a few drawbacks.

High maintenance cost

Since hybrid cars haven’s gained much popularity in Nigeria yet, the choice of spare parts is somewhat scarce. Additionally, car mechanics are not used to working with hybrid cars, so they may charge you extra money for fixing your hybrid. And don’t forget that the technology for hybrid cars is still developing, which is why new parts and accessories for hybrids are released every year, so make sure you’ll be able to afford it all.


Less powerful engine

It’s no secret that conventional cars are more powerful than hybrid ones. This is why, if you’re a fan of aggressive driving and like to speed on your car, a hybrid might not be your best choice. Environmental friendliness and fuel economy are more important to hybrid car buyers than abundance of power, so we advise to buy hybrids only if you’re ready to have the power in your car reduced.


Dangerous batteries

As a rule, batteries in conventional cars pose no threat to the driver and the passengers even in case of an accident. However, things are different if you own a hybrid. Their high voltage batteries, responsible for producing enough power to keep the car running, can become a deadly threat in case of a collision or other road accident by causing electrocution, which not only endangers the lives of people inside the car, but also makes it harder for the rescuers to get people out of the car.



There is no definitive answer to the question: what is better, a hybrid or a conventional car? After all, we all make the choice of a car based on our tastes and preferences. Hybrids might surpass conventional cars in some regards, but lack performance and comfort in others. Nevertheless, hybrid cars will definitely have a bright future.

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