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LIGHT L16: 16 Cameras In One!

Light L16 is a completely new type of cameras with multi-diaphragm, which can replace the ordinary digital cameras and the DSLR cameras. The last ones have interchangeable lenses and a single large sensor, while the Light L16 has a set of small lenses and smaller sensors. Besides, it is so compact that can easily fit in your pocket!


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Please welcome L16!

At the Code/Mobile Conference, a start-up company “Light” presented an example of “multi-diaphragm computational camera” – that is how proudly they named their new L16 camera.


The name speaks for itself: novelty is equipped with 16 lenses and, as stated by the manufacturer, quality of photos is comparable with the quality of photos on best digital SLR cameras. While the dimensions of this baby are quite small – approximately the size of the Nexus 6, only thicker.


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Appearance and principle of operation

When you look at Light L16, you willy-nilly get the association with a digital insect from the future. As if there is a small digital spider in front of you, which studies you with a dozen of tiny eyes. This kind of appearance of the camera is designed to save the user from bulky lenses and diminish the professional camera to compact sizes.


L16 is running on the Android operating system and has a built-in Wi-Fi. The camera provides zooming range from 35 to 150 mm. There are also a large 5-inch touchscreen display, the function of 4k video, water- and dust-protective case of IP54 class, GPS, accelerometer.


The camera has some details similar to the ones in modern smartphones. The principle of operation of the device is simple: when you press the shutter button all 16 lenses simultaneously capture the image at different focal lengths. Patented technology developed by Light, brings together all the images into one large image with a resolution of 52 MPs.


After shooting, you can make different changes to the image: for e.g., increase or decrease the focal depth, shift the focus and exposure.

30-sec TECH: Light L16 – 16 cameras in one

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Quality of photos


Pictures taken with this camera are amazingly crisp, bright and juicy. The camera perfectly copes with the problem of insufficient lighting, so taking pictures in dark rooms or in the evening is now easier than ever.

The camera has a perfect interface that allows even a person, who knows nothing about photographing, deal with it.


In addition, the camera allows you to adjust the focal depth of the finished image (after it has been made). Something similar we have already seen in the Lytro cameras.


The developers of Light revealed a few test shots taken on a prototype of the L16. And even though they are not as cool as the photos shot on Canon 5D Mark of third generation, the level of detailing of L16 shots is similar – or even better. Compared to a photograph taken on the iPhone 6 L16 image quality was (expectedly) much better.





Light L16 can also shoot video with a resolution up to 4K and a fixed focal length of 35, 70 or 150 mm. Of course, the video is shot with one lens, so this function is only a pleasant bonus to the main features of the camera!

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When can we buy it and at what price?


The camera will be on sale in summer 2016, and its presumable price is 1700 dollars. Too expensive? Yes, we agree. But we believe that there are those who wish to get such an unusual device. By the way, those who make a pre-order within the next month will have an opportunity to buy it at a discounted price of $ 1300.

Now we wonder whether this baby can become a real competitor to full-fledged DSLR cameras.


Light L16 Camera ( The Light Story)


The most impressive choice of digital cameras at reasonable prices you can find on JiJi.ng!



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