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Impetuous Dodge Tomahawk: Fast As Hell!

For several years a non-conventional concept of Dodge Company is a champion among superbikes – it is the fastest motorcycle in the world, which has successfully broken all records of power. This rapid boy with futuristic forms destroys all the barriers of conservative thinking about personal and everyday transport, – this is truly a challenge to everyday mediocrity.


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Rewind. A bit of history

In the year 2003 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the DaimlerChrysler Company introduced futuristic motorcycle with 10-cylinder engine of 500 HP from Dodge Viper car. Motorcycle has two front wheels and two rear wheels that makes it a separate type of a quad bike. Four wheels give outstanding stability to this technological miracle.


Titanium, aluminium, carbon, magnesium used for creating Tomahawk reduce the mass of proto-bike. In fact, it is a super engine on four wheels. Dodge isn’t playing games with its Tomahawk Motorcycle that really defies what you’d think of a tradition motorcycle.

Dodge Tomahawk Fast’s Bike in the World

The company decided to create only nine Tomahawk Superbikes, and put them in Neiman Marcus catalog. Each bike was valued at 555 thousand dollars. All of these motorcycles were sold through Neiman Marcus, apparently, they were bought for private collections, because it is prohibited to use them on the public roads.


 “Tomahawk is not for everyone — Tomahawk is for madmen” – that is what some experts said after the presentation of the prototype. There is a truth in their words; it can be really life threatening to fall from such a monster, but there were no serious accidents involving Tomahawk. Tomahawk is exclusively hand-built prototype.

Dodge Tomahawk Test Ride

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Body. Bike construction.

Tomahawk design differs from the standard by dual front and rear wheels with a few inches of clearance. Each of the four wheels have independent suspension, it allows you to easily handle your Tomahawk motorcycle. The double number of wheels is required for the proper adoption of the torque from super engine.


When you look at it, you realize that you now live in the dawn of the future shown in Hollywood movies. It seems that in a minute you will see Leeloo, who will walk behind you, putting his hands around your waist.

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Heart. Engine and speeds


Tomahawk has a 10-cylinder V-twin engine from the Dodge Viper of 8.3 liters. Motor power is 500 hp. Acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers is maximum 2.5 seconds. Maximal speed is 480 km/h. Theoretically, its maximum speed is 640 km/h, but no one dared to check it yet. If you ignore air resistance, the motorcycle can accelerate to 676 km/h. It weighs just 680 kg. For comparison, BMW X 6 with 550 horse power weighs 3.5 times more than the Tomahawk, and this car is able to accelerate to 250 km/h.


Tomahawk can easily outrun many modern sport cars. For example, Dodge Viper.

Filth&Fury: Dodge Tomahawk vs Dodge Viper

Four wheels are used to handle with this incredible for motorcycles power. By its parameters and appearance, it is the most unique motorcycle ever seen by man. So far…

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