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How Google.com Was Bought For The Price Of Two Pairs Of Panties

If you are reading this – you are using the Internet. And if you are using the Internet, there is a 100% that you know about Google.com – one of the most popular search system in the world.

Business Insider reports that several days ago, on September 29, one man has become an owner of this major domain for a couple of minutes. This fact made him famous all over the world!


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The name of this lucky man is Sanmay Ved and he is a former employee of the company that owns Android OS, a series of great smartphones and tablets Nexus and famous & beloved Google search engine.

Ved himself commented this story in his LinkedIn:

“I just inserted “google.com” and it turned out that the domain was free for sale. I decided to buy it without hesitation, because the price was just 12 dollars! I was really surprised – for this money I could buy a shirt for myself or panties for my girlfriend on the web!”


He noted that2CFD175A00000578-3256835-image-m-6_1443734390442 at first he thought that it was an error, but withdrawal from the card confirmed the purchase. Payment was successfully done, and within one minute Ved got the admin access to Google.com. In addition, he began to receive notifications.

Ved said:

“I started to get notices from the websites managed by Google Sites (which was expected, given that sites managed by Google Sites are located at the domain Google.com).”



Nevertheless, his possession of Google.com did not last long. Almost immediately the order was cancelled and the funds were returned. Ved turned to Google to get clarification. The answer was that the case was an accident.

However, 5-minute fame is better than no fame! Ved is not upset. Actually, he is quite optimistic about that.


He says:

”At least, I am a guy, who owned Google.com for a minute.”

Perhaps, company hadn`t prolong the right for the domain name or maybe there had been a software glitch in Google Domains. Google also does not know how it happened, and continues to examine the causes of this accident.


Officially, Google has not commented on the case.

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