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Brain Vs Reality. Top 3 Mismatches

Have you ever enter the room do to smth and in a moment forget why you go there? Or feel phone vibration in pocket or bag when there is no phone? Read about this and other weird perceptual mismatches in today’s article! Our brain did not change since stone age, but we changed our habits a lot. In  modern world sometimes our mind can’t understand what is going on and we get some weird stuff.



You walk through the door with some certain thought.


Appear aliens with big blasters, Men In Black, defeat them and deneuralyze you. And you stand like a statue trying to remember what did you want a minute ago. Or something like that. Well, for a long time this explanation was the most consistent for me for a long time.

http://www.fatimamovement.com/images/img-keys-to-heaven/matrix-reloaded-doors.pngWhat is a real cause of those forgetfulness? Doors. Yeah, usual doors. And when passing some door, our brain puts into archive all from the previous location, including thoughts. This kind of mental activity helps to clean and prepare the mind for a new place – in stone age it could be some danger. Well, to remind what you actually need to go – just return to a place where you decided to do this.

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https://lh3.ggpht.com/Fw6EOU6nF6yFsXZeo2TNt6ktdg5fADMQ8fY1HUKjHZMBZy0bGxrlvAn5t4Th7PuuVn0=w300You are walking on the street. Or sitting in the bus. And feel “vss-vss” – your phone vibrates.  Wtf? You did not turn off a sound! You take your phone and see that nothing happen! Nobody called, no SMS. You hold device in hand and feel those “vss-vss” again!

Banana Phone photo bananaphone.jpgIf you often stand face-to-face with this situation, relax – it’s normal. Our brain trying to interpret too many signals from senses and different noises such as the rustling of clothes or rumbling in the abdomen disorientate in noisy reality. And we think that phone vibrate. Just take a vacation and put away all phones and gadgets for a few days – probably you need a rest.

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You are seeking something. Brush, tie, lip gloss, knife, paper – anything you need right now. And can’t find it for 5 -10 minutes. Somebody enters the room and say – “Oh, look! It’s on the table!”. Or in your hand. Familiar? Once I was looking for my phone under bed. And before I activated flashlight on it. Sometimes we don’t see things that are standing before eyes.

????????, ??????? ???????? - ?? ?????

As the saying goes – if you want to hide something – put it on the line.

My explanation – little brownies, house spirits, Tuatha de Danann, Trickster and aliens from above mentioned MIB. Science says – blind spot.

From Wiki: blind spot is the place on the retina where are no optic cells – place, where optic nerve passes through the optic disc. Ok, it’s clear, but what is wrong with Matrix, of things appear on empty places? Some say this is a bug of attention – we look but not see, only 60 % of visual data are completely processed by brain, another 40% – our mind does not mention.

But I’d rather believe in magic. As well, that on JiJi I can find everything. Well, exept new brain. 

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