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«Blocks» Modular Watch: Complex Is Made Out Of Simple!

Modular smartphones and tablets have already been presented to the public, and today Undoubtedly Great Britain decided to surprise the world with another novelty – unique modular smartwatch.


In 24 hours on Kickstarter “Blocks” project has got by 2 times more funds than it was planned – 650 000$. And there is a whole month ahead! That is a truly successful idea!


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What is the deal about “Blocks”?

Blocks Smartwatch itself is a functioning device. Standard Blocks watch is a circular colored dial, available in three colors: black, white and red. The interface is also unique, designed by the talented British designers.


In the world of clothing, accessories and cars, the main value is exclusivity. The best suit is the one made by your personal tailor, who will always listen to all your wishes. The best car interiors are handmade, and the most expensive cars are handcrafted.

So why the devices can`t be exclusive to their owner, not only in how they look, but also in how they function?

You can connect to the dial a set of additional modules (which will make a watch strap). Here you will find:

  • the battery;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  • additional battery cells;
  • fingerprint scanner module;
  • gesture control module;
  • the SIM card block;
  • GPS;
  • NFC-sensor;
  • Haptic-module;
  • LED Flash and a programmable button;
  • additional flash-memory and other stuff.


In future, the developers plan to create camera and additional memory modules, and a sensor that will measure your stress level. So, “Blocks” watch allows choosing the features you need!


All components have a clasp and a set of contacts, this design allows them to function with other parts of the mechanism. Manufacturers have done a video presentation showing how a smartwatch operates, but the developers mentioned that it is not the final design of the mechanism, and that by the moment when the smartwatch will be available for masses, there might be some changes.


BLOCKS – The World’s First Modular Smartwatch

“Blocks” platform, as stated by the developers, is fully open, the third-party companies can develop additional modules. The smartwatch software can also be developed by anyone, and almost a thousand of developers have got the Dev Kit of a future smartwatch.


Blocks Modular Smartwatch – Prototype v0.4

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What are the main features?

“Blocks” Smartwatch runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 512 megabytes RAM and 4 Gb data storage, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, gyroscope and accelerometer.


Smartwatch can:

  • track your physical activity;
  • show your smartphone notifications;
  • support voice control;
  • show information on a color touch screen with a resolution of 360 by 360 points;
  • protect itself from water.


Battery capacity is enough for a day and a half of continuous operation.

Smartwatch runs the Open Source operating system and works with Android smartphones (with firmware 4.0 and above), iPhone and other iOS devices with iOS 8 and above.

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How much will it cost?

Blocks Smartwatch price will vary depending on set you choose:

  • the central block – a dial with a minimal strap will cost you $ 195;
  • a dial with four additional modules will cost you 250 dollars;
  • additional modules will cost you $ 30 each.

You can also preorder a unique model with engraved owner`s name – but it will be much more expensive – $ 445. The good thing is that as a bonus you will get three additional blocks.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch – Testimonials

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