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Best Smartphones You Can Buy Today!

The changes on the market of smartphones happen incredibly fast. In order to be in trend, you have to monitor this market regularly.


We all seek to buy best devices – best ones in a certain category. But how can we really know which of them are the best ones? Luckily, you have us 🙂 We have found for you the greatest novelties you can buy this autumn.

All smartphone models by famous brands at reasonable prices – does it seem impossible to you? Believe us, it is possible on JiJi 

Check out what smartphones are worth buying today!
We proudly present you Samsung Galaxy S6 – Go to the next page!

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 1

In our Galaxy S6 mini-review, we compared it to its siblings Galaxy S5 and Note 4, trying to decide whether it is worth to buy a new Galaxy now.

Galaxy S6 2

So, let`s look at the main Galaxy S6 advantages:

  • new design – probably the best one in Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S6 looks really great;
  • processor and memory of a new generation. New 14-nm chip and DDR4 RAM – processing speed and efficiency are obvious;
  • camera has significantly improved optics, sensitivity and interface;
  • an updated TouchWiz. The new version has great design – there are no superfluous details, all looks fresh and materialistic;
  • a quality fingerprints scanner. In Galaxy S6 it is similar to the one in iPhone, you just have to place your finger on a button.

Galaxy S6 3

Now, let`s look at the disadvantages:

  • the size of a screen. Phablets` users know that after 5.7” everything else is too small;
  • back cover made of glass. It looks great, but it is not practical!
  • There are no slots for memory cards. Yes, there is a 128 GB version, but memory cards are cheaper.
  • battery. The battery is 200 mah less. The new processor and RAM are more efficient, but it has QHD screen. So, it is unlikely that it will serve longer than the Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy S6 4

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

We proudly present you Google Nexus 6P – Go to the next page!

Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus 6P 3

Flagman Nexus 6P, the brainchild of Google and Huawei, has a 8-core processor with individual video chip, as well as 3 GB of high-speed RAM and Android OS.

Google Nexus 6P 4


  • high-speed performance for any professional and multimedia tasks – even in multitasking mode;
  • excellent image quality.7-inch display with AMOLED technology gives a clear, bright and contrasting image in all conditions. Screen is great for games and high-quality video;
  • Photo and video. Main camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels. It has a dual-led flash and autofocus – you get clear and bright images even in poor light conditions. The search giant focused main attention on smartphone cameras, enlarging pixel size (1.55 ?m), which should help camera capture more light. As a result, the Nexus 6P images are noticeably better than the images made on the iPhone 6;
  • a high level of protection. All metal aluminum case protects device from damages caused by falling from a small height and accidental crashes.

Google Nexus 6P 2


  • bad location of fingerprints scanner;
  • “boring” look of the front panel;
  • the ratio of the device size and the display is not completely satisfying – the upper and the lower bars on screen are just annoying;
  • the black strip on the back panel looks unaesthetically in terms of overall design of the smartphone;
  • the smartphone is a bit overpriced.

Google Nexus 6P 5

Nexus 6P: The First 48 hours

We proudly present you Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Go to the next page!

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Xperia 16

A compact device for maximalists – Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – is one of a three new smartphones of Xperia series. Today, it is one of a few compact and high-end smartphones based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.



  • If we say that the Z5 is the most balanced device, the most beautiful one is Z5 Compact! Compact differs from the Z5: a special polymer instead of aluminum looks great. Front and back covers made of glass, the back one is specially grounded. It looks unusual and fresh;
  • compact size. 127 ? 65 ? 9,9 mm, weight – 139 grams – the device is not so thin, not so small, not so light, but it is still nice and pleasant. It is especially pleasant to use after giants like the iPhone 6 Plus and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (I hadn`t owned the last one, but I can imagine) ;
  • Z5 Compact performance is higher than Z5 performance, because it has a smaller resolution of a display;
  • Great main camera of 23 MP with Exmor RS module: autofocusing takes about 0,1 seconds, 5 x digital zoom does not affect the quality of the images. Smart auto mode with a resolution of 20 MP and an aspect ratio of 16:9 are also available;
  • fingerprint scanner works fine: you don’t even have to press, just attach your finger easily;
  • reliable protection against moisture.

Xperia 4

Xperia 5


  • the screen has nothing new. The same cold colors as the Z5 has, – some users won’t like it;
  • only one SIM-card slot.

Xperia 6

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact review


All smartphone models by famous brands at reasonable prices – does it seem impossible to you? Believe us, it is easy on JiJi!



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