8 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Google Can Do

In our day and age Google has become such a valuable part of our lives that many of us don’t even know any other ways to look for the information they need. “Google it!’ is something we hear a lot from our friends, family and co-workers. But not all Google users know that this tech company has so much more to offer than a simple search engine.

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You might be already using Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, and other useful Google services, but sometimes you don’t need an additional service to get something amazing – all you need to do is to go to google.com.ng and try these 8 cool tricks!

1. Plan weddings

Would you ever thing a simple search engine could help you organize your wedding? Well, you’d better believe it, because Google has a wonderful wedding planner built inside it. If you use it the right way, it will take you through every step of the process, from creating a budget and sending out invitations to creating a special website where you can publish and store photos from your wedding day.


2. Translate anything

Google can translate anything – and we do mean anything. We’re already used to the great Google Translator, which can help you have a conversation or use a website in any language. However, it turns out that Google can even translate Chinese symbols! To access this feature, click on the pencil button and draw the symbol with your mouse – Google will translate it immediately.


3. Visit art galleries

Have you always wanted to travel around the world to see the most exciting and famous works of art? Google is here to help you with that! Thanks to the Google Art Project viewers from all over the globe can pay a virtual visit to their dream museum of gallery. You can see your favourite works of art on your computer screen as if you’re seeing them in person! Enjoy and study art for free with Google.


4. Use a timer

A timer is an essential tool in a number of situations, particularly in sports, while cooking, or simply by working at your computer. However, you can save money on buying an actual timer and use the one at Google instead. Simply go to Google Timer, set the desired time, and continue your work. As soon as the time will be up, the alarm will sound off to inform you.


5. Compare calories

Are you watching your weight? Or have your doctors told you to keep to a strict diet? In any case, if you want to know exactly what you eat, you’ll need Google Calorie Comparison tool. It’s super easy to use: go to Google homepage, enter the first product, put “vs”, and then add the second product. It will look like this: “chicken vs pork” – you’ll see not just a calorie comparison, but also all kinds of nutritional information.


6. Calculate tips

If you’re at a restaurant with a large company of friends and family, and you need to know how to split the bill, use Google’s tip calculating tool. Simply enter the entire bill value, then state how many percents you want for the tip, and add the number of people who will be paying the bill. Google will instantly provide you with the entire amount every eater has to pay, including the tip.


7. Download fonts for free

This feature will be especially useful to graphic designers and anyone who works with visualization of the text. Google Fonts is a huge database of 100% free fonts, where you can look through hundreds of fonts to pick the one you like. After you’ve found your new favourite font, you can download it in any available language, or make it a default font in your browser.


8. Explore the universe

Who doesn’t want to know what our universe really looks like? This is what Google lets you do with its Google Sky project. By combining pictures from telescopes and satellites, Google provides you with a comprehensive view of thousands of galaxies, many of which are millions of light years from Earth. You can see and learn more in an hour with the help of Google Sky than you would from an entire textbook on astronomy!


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