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7 Things You Must Keep Secret

There is no doubt people appreciate when being honest and sincere with them. But there are some things that you better keep secret so you don’t spoil your own life. Read about them and keep up with these advices.

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#1 Don’t tell about your life plans

b-fEuIh5JHoEspecially if they carry a big value for you personally. Believe it or not, but there is such thing as the evil eye, and people may obstruct your success even not knowing that they are sending bad impulses to the space. Some people may become envy and consciously will try to lead you astray. If your plans are really worth ones, nourish them and keep secret until they come true.

#2 Don’t tell much about your job issues

kRIGf2YoDgMDon’t tell the whole truth about how much you earn at work and whether you have any aside income. Don’t give people another chance to get jealous of you, besides, your finances are not the issues that should be discussed at every step.

Whether it is a career or a salary growth, don’t share your success with everyone. Yes, you may tell about it only to people who are close to you and who will be sincerely glad to hear such news.


Don’t make people to be sorrow about your failures at work neither. Remember, anything that happens within the walls of your office should stay there.

#3 Don’t expatiate upon a subject of expensive purchases

It is obvious that when you buy a new smart phone or a super plasma TV, you get so much excited about your new purchase that you want to tell the whole world about it. But again, people tend to be jealous and evil and they might want to damage your new device.


And in case if your purchase doesn’t function properly with some time, don’t give a chance to laugh at you or think you are a fool who is lousy with money.

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#4 Don’t tell anyone about your sexual life

Such intimate issues should be discussed only and exceptionally between you and your partner. Whether there are some problems and you feel unsatisfied or everything is perfect – don’t take such issues out.


#5 Don’t tell about your home quarrels

All the rubbish that exists within your home should not be put out. There is no perfect man and so there are many things you will be arguing and quarreling about with your family members. But those things should not be told to anyone else. Time will pass and you will make peace. But when your beloved one gets to know you told someone else about things that happened between you two, that will leave a nasty taste in their mouth.


#6 Don’t reveal the secrets of your lifestyle

CLeon6Q9cZ8If you have managed to handle your smoking obsession or have reached nirvana in your meditation practices, there is no need for everyone around to know about it. If you’ve given up on worldly pleasures for the sake of spiritual goals, then it makes no sense to talk about this — your emotional condition needs to be harmonious, and such a desire to impress others and receive praise is a sign that it is not.

#7 Don’t gossip over your mutual friends

People tend to have bitter tongues and very often they like gossiping about each other. Don’t ever go into influence of such situations; on the contrary, try to avoid discussing other people with somebody. Times change and so does the surrounding. Nobody knows what value might bring you in the future the person you were dragging through the mud.


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