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7 Surprising Benefits Of Riding A Bicycle

People take up biking for a variety of reasons: some are looking for cheaper alternatives to cars, others want to improve their health and fitness, while a large part of avid bikers simply like to spend their free time riding a bicycle. Whatever your reason for biking is, you’re guaranteed to take maximum advantage of these 7 surprising benefits that come with regularly riding a bike.

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Better sleep

Have you ever suffered from insomnia, turning from side to side in your bed? Or maybe you’re having trouble sleeping right now? If you’ve tried every method to fight insomnia, but your sleep situation still isn’t great, try riding a bicycle for about an hour every day. Sure, if you have no experience in biking, even a short trip on your bike can leave you exhausted, but trust us on this: you’ll sleep like a baby. Research shows that those who ride bicycles frequently have their fall asleep time reduced by half, while the sleep time increases by almost an hour.


More brain power

There are hundreds of ways to boost your brain power, but none of them is as effective as cycling. As soon as you become serious about biking, you will notice your brain working faster and more effective. According to a research by Illinois University, cyclers perform 15% better in mental tests compared to people who don’t ride a bike. Regular cycling helps build brain cells, improving your mental abilities in the easiest and most effective way possible.


Longer life

Who doesn’t want to live longer? People have searched over and over for a solution to make life longer, and it turns out cycling might be one of the ways to achieve it. A study, which included over 2000 identical twins (one of each pair was a regular cycler), showed that those twins who rode a bike for about 3 hours a week, were 9 years younger in their biological age than their non-cycling twins. Regular riding a bicycle helps regenerate cells and defend the body against various threats.


Environmental friendliness

It’s no secret to anyone that cars produce large numbers of CO2 and other poisonous gases that pollute the atmosphere and put our planet in danger. Of course, there are hybrid cars that are better at dealing with the pollution, but the situation here is far from perfect. Unlike cars, bicycles produce virtually no harmful matters. Besides, you can park 20 bikes in the same space as just one middle-sized car. Additionally, only 5% of materials and energy needed to make a car are used to make a bicycle. As you can see, biking is clearly a greener alternative to driving a car.


Fight fatigue

The pace of modern life, where we have to juggle family, work, and other responsibilities, leaves many of us exhausted. Going for a ride on your bicycle might be the last thing you think about when trying to get some rest, but a lot of studies show that if you’re too tired to do anything, go for a bike ride. Even a short trip around the block will benefit you and make you feel less exhausted. At the same time, regular cycling will make you less prone to exhaustion, so you’ll be able to achieve more without applying too much effort.


Get fit

Losing weight is one of the best effects regular cycling has on people. We should point out that it’s not the only way to drop weight: for example, many people prefer running as their way to get fit. However, for obese people running can make more harm than good – just imagine the stress your legs feel while running. In this case riding a bike is a much healthier and more pleasant alternative. Do you need to lose a few kilos and make your body stronger and more toned? Then jump on your bike and go!


Family time

Cycling is one of the best sports for the whole family. You won’t bring small children to the gym, but you can easily teach your little ones to ride a bike and take them with you on your next trip. It’s a great way to introduce your family to sports. Simply get a good bicycle for every member of your family and go on your new cycling adventure. Your children will appreciate spending time with you while doing something fun, and so will your wife, so don’t hesitate and choose bicycles for everyone on JiJi!


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