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5 Myths About Economy

Most people are struggling to reduce their expenses on utility bills, electricity in particular. But not everyone is acquainted with the inefficiency of some household electric devices. Today all the myths are going to be dispelled.

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Myth #1: Energy-saving lamps are inefficient

mgJU-hJSJtgIn fact energy-saving lamps that are used for nearly 3 hours a day are paid off for one year and the term of their service is a way more. Many people try to economize switching off the light even when they go out of the room for a couple of minutes. However, it has its bad effect on an ordinary lamp – they quickly burn out. In case of energy-saving lamps it just has no sense to switch off the light as they consume a precious little amount of energy.

A0fRPjS0yysSome people refuse energy-saving lamps because they think it is bad for their vision. The majority got used to yellow color of the lamp and it seems like a cold white or blue shade has its harmful effect on their eyes. But indeed this is the case of old luminescent lamps.


Myth #2: Iron consumes a copious amount of electrical energy

6Kwzr5PRhDsModern iron models don’t consume much energy during the whole process of ironing. An automatic switch turns on after it is heated up to a necessary temperature. If you use a steaming function, it will accelerate the ironing process and will save electrical energy.


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Myth #3: To boil water in an electric kettle is too expensive

s2L-GajnGhsMany people don’t use electric kettles because they are afraid of high capacity of this device. However, by means of its capacity an electric kettle boils water very quickly. Besides, it turns off after it is in the boil not spending extra kilowatts.





Our personal advice: boil a necessary amount of water only.

Myth #4: An electric cooker is inefficient as compared to a gas stove

tyw6mlEs2hAIt regards only stoves that have a heating surface made of metal. Stoves with ceramic work surface are 30% more efficient, and an induction cooktop – for all 50%.  Keep in mind that the modern stove models stop consuming energy as far as they heat up to a necessary temperature.


BflvizxhQFcAn appropriate utensils will also help you economize. Use thick-walled dishes with tight tops that can easily save warmth.

Myth #5: Heating of flowing water consumes more energy than heating a recipient

In fact, it’s all on the contrary as when running water has no time to cool. Boilers spend energy not only on heating, but on maintaining a proper temperature.


Remember, there is no point to keep too hot water. Pick up a sufficient temperature level for you.

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