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Why You Should Buy A Terrace House

Terrace houses are known all around the world, and currently this type of real estate is gaining more recognition in Nigeria. If you’re looking for property to buy, you’ve probably already seen hundreds of real estate ads for various types of property: duplex, bungalows, houses, apartments, land plots, villas, etc. Depending on where you want to live – Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Oyo, or other Nigerian city – prices and choice of real estate will be different. Nevertheless, terrace houses are worth your attention, and soon you’ll find out why.

Terrace houses are also known as town houses. Essentially a terrace house is a series of mirror-image houses connected by a shared wall. A terrace house is an ideal choice for small families with children. Usually terrace houses can be found in nice, quiet suburbs of big cities. They are mostly populated by young, well-off families who value comfort and location. Here is what else you should know about terrace houses.


Compared with detached homes, villas and bungalows, terrace houses are somewhat cheaper. This must be the biggest advantage of this type of property that convinced a lot of buyers to choose a terrace house instead of more traditional kinds of real estate. If you want to have your own house, but don’t have a large budget, a terrace house might be exactly what you need.

Lack of outdoor space

When you buy a house, usually you expect it to come with a nice garden where you can have rest or plant seeds and trees. However, with terrace houses you shouldn’t count on a spacious garden – usually this type of property offers only a little plot of outdoor space. if gardening is your biggest passion, or you plan to spend the majority of your time outdoors, terrace houses might not be your best choice.


Noisy neighbours

As with any types of property where you have next door neighbours, noise is a big concern for families who move into a terrace house. Of course, everything depends on who you’ll be living next to: if it’s a quiet family with well-behaved children, there won’t be a single problem. On the other hand, if your neighbours have loud children, pets or like to have heated arguments and noisy parties – you might want to look for another terrace house or even consider buying some other type of property.


In case you really like the property you’ve chosen and don’t want to move out just because of rowdy neighbours, invest in soundproof walls – they are a great way to restore the piece and quiet in your home.

Privacy issues

If you’re used to living in a detached house, you might find it unusual that your neighbours are so close to you all the time. You may worry about your conversations being listened to, or your every step being watched. If you are comfortable with this low level of privacy, then you shouldn’t worry about buying a terrace house, but if you want to be fully able to enjoy your privacy, then think about buying a detached house.


Overall, terrace houses are a great, affordable and convenient alternative to more expensive types of property. If you’ve never dreamed of a big garden and have no issues with privacy, then check out the list of terrace houses currently for sale on JiJi. And if you want to easily see the latest ads published on JiJI, download the official JiJi Android app for free!

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