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White Lie: Which Part Is Stronger?

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Do you compliment your spouse on his/her new chicken recipe when it’s almost fried to bones? Do you respond to What’s up greeting with a smile when you are down?

You’ve been taught from the day when you started talking that lying is bad. But can you really be that clean-fingered 24/7 without hurting the feeling of others? Take these 11 socially acceptable white lie scenarios that you shouldn’t feel guilty about. 

It’s Okay to tell white lies to spare other’s feelings when:

1. Your friend shows you his/her new car but you think it’s too ugly.

2. Your friend shows you his/her newborn and asks whether it’s cute but no kid is cute for you because you just don’t like them.

3. Your mother gives you a sweatshirt for your birthday but you don’t like it at all.

4. You were given  a gift you don’t like and you send it to a different person.

5. You are absolutely bored at the party and would like to go home.

6. You are talking to a person famous of his/her talents: singing, painting, etc.

7. Your parents ask you about your health.

8. Somebody asks you about your age.

9. Your friend asks you to tell his girlfriend he is at your place if she calls.

10. You tell your kids you have never eaten chips or drunk coke in your lifetime.

11. You tell your kids the meat they are eating is chicken.

12. You tell your kids the zoo, circus, or kid’s center is closer after you’ve been there twice in recent weeks.

13. Your dentist asks you if the drilling was painful.

The list can go on forever but you should have a clear understanding of when white lie stops being white and changes its color into black.

This happens when you:

  • hide from your spouse that you have an affair with somebody
  • take somebody’s money without permission and say it wasn’t you
  • promise without actually planning to stick to your promise

Enjoy your life with JiJi!

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