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What Women Want: A Cheat Sheet For Guys

Stay happy with JiJi!

Dear gentlemen, imagine this.

You’ve planted a flower and started to take care of it by watering and nourishing it. In a short while the flower started pleasing your eye with its beauty. But then you decided that you did all you could for the plant and stopped taking care of it. What happens? You end up with dry ugly spike that no more brings a smile to your face.

Quite similar scenario takes place when you start dating a woman. And the key here is to understand  the importance of ATTENTION for every woman. Who do you think she dresses up and puts on make-up in the morning for? Or why is she so anxious about all those diet and extra kilos? Right, you and only you.

If you wish to build strong healthy relationships with your woman stick to this cheat sheet every guy should know.

Learn to listen and ask questions.

Sometimes bring her flowers without a specific reason. Let this be a pleasant surprise for her.

Do not wait until Friday to ask her how she wants to spend the weekend. Plan it together in the middle of the week.

Hug her often. Touches have healing power.

Call her from work to find out how things are going. Share the news or simply say “I love you”.

Take care of her in public: offer your hand when she is getting out of a car or hold a door in front of her.

Take pictures of her inside and outside. She’ll definitely appreciate it.

Pay attention to her look and never forget to speak about it. Say: “You look great today” or “You look tired,” and then ask: “How was your day?”.

Another way to surprise her is to take dancing classes together.

Always go to bed at the same time.

Don’t asnwer the phone in intimate moments or when she is sharing her worries with you.

Show gratitude when she does something for you. It’s very important for her.

Kiss her goodbye when you leave for work.

If it’s your wife, always give preference to her in front of your kids. They should know that their mother should be taken care of.

Write her a letter or send her a paper postcard for no reason. She’ll be amazed.

Buy tickets to a movie or performance and invite her for a date that evening.

Stay happy with JiJi!

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