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What To Do In Case Of A Road Accident

Road accidents happen – that’s just a fact that we all need to accept. Today we’ll not delve into what causes the accidents or whose fault they are. Instead we’ll try to determine the way you should behave in case you’re in a road accident. The first rule is to keep your cool and not panic, no matter how dire the situation might seem. After you take hold of yourself, here is what else you should do.

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1. Check yourself for injuries

It doesn’t matter if you’re the driver, the passenger or the pedestrian – the first thing to do after a road accident happens is to check yourself for injuries. It’s a well-known fact that people who sustain serious injuries become insensitive to pain due to shock, but the lack of pain doesn’t mean you’re not injured. Only after you inspect your whole body and discover no damage, you can continue working your way out of the accident.


2. See if other people are injured

This is the next vital step in dealing with a road accident: after you check yourself for injuries, do the same for people near you: your driver, passengers, people in other cars, and people who simply walked nearby. However, it’s very important to give first aid treatment only in case you are trained to give one; otherwise you should try to keep them conscious and get the medical help to the accident spot as soon as possible.


3. Clear the road

After you make sure no one is injured in an accident, or people are getting help for their injuries, try to move the vehicles from the middle of the road, if it’s possible. By cluttering the road with two or more vehicles you and other drivers create traffic jams that can even result in new road accidents. Be a cultured and respectful driver by letting fellow drivers use the road freely. Of course, if your vehicles is injured badly enough that you can’t move it, let it stay in its place until the help arrives.


4. Get the relevant authority

Very few road accidents and conflicts can be resolved by the drivers themselves. Instead they need to be looked into by authorities who deal with traffic accidents. As soon as everyone who needs medical help gets it, proceed to working with the authorities. You can either dial 112 on your mobile phone to call the Road Safety Commission, or look around and find a nearby policeman, who can also help you in your emergency. Obviously, minor accidents can sometimes be resolved by the drivers without involving the authorities.


5. Keep your calm

There is nothing worse and less productive in case of a road accident than a panicking, fidgeting driver. In order to resolve the situation in the best possible way, you need to be as calm and collected as possible. If you’re a participant in a traffic accident, you may find dozens of people gathering around the accident spot, offering their judgements and suggestions. Try not to listen to their advice, unless they are medical or police professionals. Wait until the authorities arrive, and in the meantime you can observe the vehicle, note the damage, and offer help to anyone who might need it.

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Have you ever been in a road accident? How was the situation resolved? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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