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Wakie-Wakie: How To Set Your Perfect Bedtime

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Monday through Friday our smartphone alarm clocks devotedly drag us out from the irresistable morning sweetness navigating us right into the shower and then to the coffee maker.  But did you know that you can calculate your perfect bedtime to wake up in the right sleep cycle?

While many complain about the lack of shut-eye, you are just about to find out the only right way to wake up refreshed, look sharp, and stay alert all day long.

Ready, set, go!

Sleep cycles

Our sleep cycle consists of deep sleep and REM-sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) that take turns with 90 minute intervals. After we turn off the light and embrace out pillow, it normally takes from 5 to 25 minutes for us to fall asleep. That’s when our eyelid movements and breathing get slower gradually turning into what is called deep sleep.

Woman sleeping in bedDuring deep sleep, your body transports blood away from your brain to let it rest. Therefore, if you wake up in the deep sleep period, you will feel irritated and grumpy. With age, deep sleep cycles get shorter increasing your chances of waking up in a good mood after you turn 50.

REM-sleep appears on the scene in roughly 90 minutes after the deep sleep starts. REM features rapid eye movements, quickened breathing, and dreams that can at times be so different. REM sleep cycles grow in length and can vary from 10 to 60 minutes. This is the stage you want to wake up in to feel naturally refreshed without an alarm clock.

Sleep length

But how much sleep do we really need?

Sleep calculator

These days you can find on the web numerous sleep calculators that help you set your perfect bedtime and wake-up schedule.

With these smart alarm clocks you can now:

  • find out 2-3 wake-up time periods if you know your bedtime
  • find out 2-3 bedtime periods if you have a specific wake-up time
  • find out when to wake up after a nap

Here’s the list of three most widely used sleep calculators that help millions of people around the world wake up at the right time and feel naturally refreshed. Also, there’s this SleepyTime: Bedtime Calculator for Android smartphones that be become handy too.

Take a good care of yourself with JiJi!

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