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TOP-8 Places JiJi Subscribers Plan To Visit In 2016

Planning a trip? Make your travel plans with JiJi!

The more you look through your holiday destination pics, the better you understand that your vacation is over. And while your friends and office coworkers are eyeing snapshots on your smartphone, JiJi has compiled a list of TOP-8 places our subscribers plan to visit in 2016.

#8. Iceland

Hot springs and glaciers are enjoyed best if you have a thermos flask in your backpack. That’s what tourists who have been to Iceland usually say. Stunning scenery, local traditions, water falls, and rich fauna represented by polar bears and Arctic fox attract 17 respondents. 

#7. Norway

Another chilly travel destination that can give you goose skin and make you shiver in the sun is Norway. Key reason why 104 respondents ticked off this holiday destination is because of Northern Light that is as breath-taking as it is unique. Curious Lagosians plan to flock there next year to look at opalizing sky and exotic scenery.

#6. Galapagos Islands

Located much southward, the place has become especially known after Charles Darwin navigated his 5-year expedition to the Galapagos Islands. After enjoying fantastic wildlife and rich flora that have served as a landmark for Darwin’s worldview, 107 JiJi subscribers plan to indulge themselves with diving and snorkeling.

#5. Machu Picchu

Set high above the clouds on the territory of present Peru, this former site of Incan settlement remains a mystery. Having been granted a UNESCO status, Machu Picchu is believed to be a place of former human sacrifice as there exist at lot of artifacts offered by archeologists to evidence the assumption. In 2016, the feet of 138 JiJi subscribers are going to step on the land of the Incans.

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#4. Tibet

Spiritual trips to Tibet and mountain hicking are skyrocketing in popularity next season. Exotic landscapes, air so fresh that it makes your head spin, body detox programs, and once-in-a-lifetime experience with local monks make an increasing number of Lagosians purchase flight tickets to Tibet. According to our data, 169 JiJi respondents will choose this long-distance travel destination next year.

#3. Maldives

White sand beaches, neverending serenity, water taxis, and fish of name-it-they-have-it color seem to be enjoyed by 192 respondents who chose Maldives as their holiday destination 2016. Considered as one of the most expensive group of islands, the place is known for being endangered by rising waters of the Indian Ocean.

#2. Amalfi Coast

Being one of the most popular Italian destinations for Europeans, Amalfi Coast please the eye with its authentic architecture, rocky mountains, and vibrant culture. Local restaurants will serve you fresh salmon for breakfast with an assortment of local cheeses and a shot of complimentary limoncello (28%). That sounds good to 474 repondents that already make plans about their future.

#1. Tanzania

Resting on its laurels, Tanzania offers world’s best safari. Yearly Serengeti Migration is a unique thing to experience when you can watch troops of antelopes and other animals gallping wildly through savannah.

After having enought of lions, tigers, and zebras in your sight, you can escape in rich rainforests or put on a diving suit and approach amazing coral reefs. Due to short-distance flight and customary culture, Tanzania has been chosen by 611 respondents that recently come back from their summer vacation this year.

Planning a trip? Make your travel plans with JiJi!

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