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TOP-5 Ways To Preserve Your Kid’s Memories

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Time flies. First, babies are too early even to think about, but then you find yourself looking for maternity clothes. The further you go, the more shared moments you and your kid will have. To store the best of them, you may want to consider creating a few do-it-yourself things that are so simple and still so beautiful.

1. Once your kid learns to talk, make a questionnaire. Then ask the same question on his/her brirthday and write down the answers in the same place. On his 18th b-day it can be the best gift he/she ever receives. Sample questions:

  • what is your favourite food?
  • what is your favourite cartoon? movie?
  • who is your best friend?
  • who do you like to play with? talk with?
  • what is your favourite indoot/outdoor activity?
  • what would you like to do when you grow up?
Boy writing at school
Boy writing at school

2. Collect your kid’s most interesting drawings and make a photobook of them. These pages will be your kid’s pride later on when he/she starts having his own offsprings.

3. Have a magic jar to store all the good deeds in writing. Bring a piece of sausage outside to feed a homeless dog, write it on a piece of paper, fold it, and place inside the jar. Let the kid participate in the process and take his/her own examples.

4. Who post post an ugly photo on his/her Facebook page, right? Well, there’s a place for them too. Create an old fashioned photo album for printed pictures that simply cannot be suitable for social networks. Nobody can be photogenic 365 days a year.

5. Recycle your kid’s old clothes. It can be a bunch of old T-shirts and dresses that turn into blanket so soft and warm nobody knows why: literally or figuratively. Outdated clothes can also be used to make DIY toys that will last for years and travel from one sibling to another.

Enjoy your life with JiJi!

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