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Top 5 Mobile Apps: Enjoy Earning Money!

Today many developers of applications in order to motivate users to download their apps and start using them, think through a simple and effective way to achieve this goal. Namely, offering users to earn money on their applications. And even though it won`t become your primary income, it is still nice! Especially, if you are using this application every day.


The most interesting thing is that many manufacturers are coming up with interesting ways to do this – for example, watching videos, performing simple tasks, etc.


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Feature Points

Platform: Android

Feature Points is an app that allows you to earn money and gifts for setting up free apps on Android  or IOS Apple devices. After you earn a certain amount of points, you can exchange it on games, Amazon coupons, Xbox or Playstation codes, ITunes codes and real money.


After registration and accepting the terms, you will receive a list of free applications that you can download and try out, and thereby earn points on your balance. You need to open and view each app for at least 1 or 2 minutes, and thus gain the points.

This program has many tools and settings, but to avoid a confusion, use only the first two tabs. The first one is a list of tasks, the second one is for withdrawal.


For each download you’ll receive more than 200 points. To earn $ 5, you need to gain 3000 points that is to download and try out 15 applications.


To earn points even faster, you can advertise Feature Points using a special referral link. You will earn 50% of each referred user who will load the application and begin to earn the points.

[appbox googleplay com.tapgen.featurepoints simple]

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Platform: iOS, Android

After installing the application, you will receive various small jobs from Iconzoomer. This can be something like “take a picture of your shoes” or “take a picture of your lunch” and so on. Then you just perform this task and upload a photo to Iconzoomer.

Iconzoomer 1

You earn credits for each photo. You can exchange credits on Paypal, Amazon gift certificates or charitable donations to UNICEF. Each photograph that you send, brings you from 5 to 10 credits, and you can exchange them as soon as you get 200 credits. Now 200 credits are equivalent to 10 euro on Paypal or $ 10 Amazon certificate. Iconzoomer pays money once a month.

Iconzoomer 4

Don`t be surprised when you see a task like “show us your TV set and what surrounds it”. Iconzoomer collects such data with a good purpose: service helps companies and government agencies to understand trends and unmet needs. This understanding is required to develop products and services of tomorrow.

Iconzoomer 3

Iconzoomer 2

[appbox appstore 466698498 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.iconzoomer.android simple]

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Fotolia Instant

Platform: iOS Android

Fotolia instant application gives you an opportunity to sell photos created using your smartphone or other mobile device, as well as search for and buy images created by others.

Fotolia Instant 1

Fotolia Instant resembles other social photo apps but this one is unique: it has professional tools, such as manual control of aperture and shutter speed.

Fotolia Instant 4

Fotolia Instant 2

Photos downloaded in Instant collection will have the same high quality requirements that are applicable to ordinary photos of photo bank. All photos will be tested. In addition, people who may be on photos will have to sign an authorization form directly on the screen of the iPhone and send their photo ID for identification.

Fotolia Instant 3

The average price of a loaded picture is 3 credits, or about $ 3.

[appbox appstore 674978883 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.fotolia.android.instant simple]

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Platform: Android

MintCoins 1

MintCoins 3

In “MintCoins” you get paid for performing simple tasks, such as:

  • downloading free apps;
  • downloading paid apps (high payments for paid apps);
  • inviting friends (best method – 0.25 $ per friend);
  • registration on free sites;
  • registration on paid (for high pay) sites;
  • passing interviews;
  • watching video ads;
  • playing free games.

MintCoins 4

They have many tasks, on which you can earn, and everything you earn can be cashed through PayPal. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until you earn $ 5 to withdraw money, as in other applications. The minimum sum for withdrawal is $ 1, and they offer a guarantee that you can do it in a very short period of time.

MintCoins 2

If you don’t have a PayPal account, there are other opportunities: MintCoins is working on the introduction of gift cards for Amazon, Sears, Nike, Starbucks, Xbox, Macy, Iowes, Facebook credits, virtual credit cards and so on.

[appbox googleplay com.mindfreelabs.mintcoins&hl simple]

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App Trailers

Platform: iOS, Android

The bottom line is that you get the points for watching videos, and get extra points for downloading applications. At the end you can exchange your points for a variety of Gift Cards: iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, xBox, Best Buy and many others.

App Trailers 2

App Trailers 3

Most of all you get for installing the applications and for referrals, the price for such tasks may be different. There is a fixed price for watching videos – 5 points!  Also in this application you have a level, for each completed task, you are given an experience that enhances your level. Each level increases the price of tasks!

App Trailers 4

Recently the AppRedeem developer has released an update with a new section “Free Today”. This section will present one application a day — it will be either a paid app offered free, or advanced features of free app that are free of charge.

App Trailers 1

[appbox appstore 469489347 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.appredeem.apptrailers&hl simple]


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