TOP-15 Mind-Game Tricks To Turn Things Your Way

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These psychological tricks will make your life easier and help to cope with stressful situations.

  1. When a few people laugh in a group, each instinctively looks at the person he/she likes most. Or the person he/she would like to consider close.
  2. If you’re nervous before doing a responsible task, chew a gum. This will help you to relax, because subconsciously eating ensures the sense of security.
  3. If somebody is yelling at you, keep calm. Perhaps, it will bug your interlocutor even more, but when yelling session is over he/she will experience strong sense of guilt.
  4. If the answer of the person does not suit you or you feel that it is incomplete, do not repeat your question. Instead, look closely in his/her eyes. This way he/she will be forced to continue the conversation.
  5. It turns out, it’s not only emotions which influence our mimicry, quite the opposite. So, if you want to feel happiness, bare your teeth in a broad smile. As a result, your smile will scintiallte heartedness.
  6. Where possible, try not to start sentences with phrases “I think” and “For me”. It goes without saying in your speech, but sometimes shows unnecessary uncertainty.
  7. Before an important interview, envision that the interviewer is your good old friend. It will help you relax and curb stress.
  8. If you get a habbit of expressing just a little bit more joy meeting a person, you will eventually be aboveboard about him/her.
  9. People tend to yield you more inches if they have said a bigger no previously.
  10. The physiological expression of stress in many ways resembles the symptoms of excitement: heavy breathing, rapid heart and so on. If you manage to look at the stressful situation as a challenge, the negative effect of stress will decrease.
  11. Most people can’t see the difference between self-confidence and the fact that you are really good at something. If you demonstrate self-reliance, people will be drawn to you.
  12. If you have to work with a lot with people, put a mirror behind you. Many of those you have to deal with throughout the day will start behaving more politely – no one wants to see himself/herself angry and irritated.
  13. If at the meeting you expect somebody to drop down on you, sit beside him/her. Most likely he/she will be more reserved during your dialog compared to his/her behavior from the distance.
  14. First date should take place where positive emotions are guaranteed. Eventually, these warm memories will be associated with you.
  15. When meeting a person for the first time, try to determine color of his/her eyes. Eye contact increases the chance of positive chemistry.

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