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Top 10 iOS 9 Tips And Tricks

It’s been just under a month since Apple unveiled its new additions to the product line-up of 2015, most importantly, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. With every new iPhone release Apple makes a new version of iOS available to the users. This year we’ve seen iOS 9 being presented. Currently most iPhone users can already switch to iOS 9. If you’re planning to do the same, or already upgraded your OS, check out our list of 10 most useful iOS 9 tips and tricks.

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1. Make your battery last longer

Users have discovered hundreds of ways to save their iPhone battery from running low, but this time Apple designed their own solution. If you go to Settings ? Battery ? Low power mode and toggle this option, your phone will go into a battery saving mode to help you last longer until you find a power outlet.


2. Use split screen

If you have one of the newer versions of the iPad, you can take maximum advantage of Apple’s new multitasking function. Simply swipe your screen from right to left and you’ll see a multitasking side bar. There you can open another app you want to run. Additionally, you can drag the split screen until it takes 50% of the whole screen.


3. Launch Siri hands free

Siri is hardly a new concept: users have had the chance to use this voice assistant for years now. However, before iOS 9 you had to open Siri by pressing the Home button. Now, after upgrading to iOS 9, you can simply say “Hey, Siri” anytime you want without pressing any buttons. Turn this option on in Settings ? General ? Siri.


4. Easy search

Go to your Home screen, swipe right, and see the new search screen. The search system learns as you use it, so after some time it will be more accustomed to your queries and needs. The English search screen now also understands more natural language, so you can ask questions the way you normally would.


5. Find any photos

8_ios9_photos_thumb800Before iOS 9 you had to spend some time looking for specific photos from your timeline. Now, if you go to your photo gallery, there will be a small thumbnail strip with all of the photos you’ve ever taken. You can also ask Siri to find photos from any day or place, and receive the results in just a few moments.

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6. Improved security

Screenshot_2Security has always been one of the biggest concerns for smartphone users. With iOS 9 Apple introduced a new 6-digit passcode instead of the old 4-digit one. Visit Settings ? Touch ID and Passcode ? Change Passcode, and enter your new passcode consisting of 6 digits. It will make your smartphone much harder to break in. Additionally, you can use two-factor authentication, available in iOS 9.

7. Picture-in-picture

iOS_9_tips_04_picture_in_picture_1200_thumb800When there was no iOS 9, you could have just one image on your screen. Now you can turn on the picture-in-picture mode and use it with videos. Play the video you like, click on the icon, and the video screen will transform into a smaller screen that can be dragged around the screen and placed on top of another window.

8. News

Even if you have a favourite news website where you go to find out what had happened in Nigeria and the world, you still will like Apple’s new News app. It works like a news aggregator: by collecting articles from various sources, this app brings you news, tailored for your tastes.


9. Turn flash off and on

When you’re shooting a video with your Apple device, the flash can easily light up the scene. However, you might not need flash all the time. With iOS 9 you can turn the flash on and off right during the video recording. For example, you can start taking a video without flash, and then realize that it’s too dark, and turn the flash back on.


10. Find my iPhone

Starting with iOS 9, Apple made Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps default, meaning that they will be pre-installed. With the help of these apps you can not only meet your friends and communicate faster and more effectively, but also find your phone in case it’s lost. Both apps are remarkably easy to use and create a very pleasant user experience.


Have you tried iOS 9 from Apple already? What do you like and hate about this OS? We’d love to hear from you!

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