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Top 10 Best Used Cars To Buy

Nowadays owning a car is no longer a luxury – it’s simply a way to make our lives easier. Without a car we wouldn’t be able to achieve as much every day as we do now. With the help of a good car we can take our families and ourselves anywhere – to work, to school, on vacation, to go shopping, to the hospital, etc. When you’re finally ready to buy a car, you face a difficult choice, especially if you don’t have too much money. If buying a used car is your only option, make sure you make the right pick. This list of 10 best used cars to check out will help you!

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10. Ford

The American auto giant has gained a lot of popularity in Nigeria, along with Chevrolet, another famous car from the US. Fords can be seen all over the world, and are currently the fifth highest selling car globally. If you want your car to be reliable and good-looking at the same time, check out the Fords currently on sale on JiJi. You can start with Ford Focus.


9. Land Rover

SUVs are a very popular type of vehicle, thanks to its spaciousness and durability. With a Land Rover SUV you’ll master any road challenge, on and off road. Land Rover is a relatively young car brand, being established only in 1978, but in this short time Land Rover took SUV vehicles to the next level of finesse. Check our Land Rover LR3.


8. BMW

BMW stands in the middle between luxury car and sports car, meaning it’s the perfect choice for many types of buyers. Owning a BMW has many advantages, although there are some drawbacks as well: for instance, if you get a BMW, especially a used one, be prepared to spend money on repair and parts. However, the safety and the pleasure from driving a BMW are worth it. We recommend BMW X5.


7. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is famous for creating the iconic Beetle, but, in fact, every Volkswagen car ever manufactured is worth your attention. Smooth drive, luxurious interior, exceptional performance and outstanding safety characteristics make a Volkswagen the smart choice for families and individual owners. Volkswagen Passat is an especially popular choice among Nigerian buyers.


6. Nissan

A famous Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan has supplied Nigeria with high quality and reliable cars. Nissans are especially popular among family buyers who care more about safety and durability than exceptional looks and mind-blowing speed. Another great thing about a Nissan is that it won’t break your bank, unlike more expensive car brands. Check out Nissan Pathfinder, a classic roomy SUV.


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5. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz cars have always been a symbol of luxury and famous German high quality. You can find all body styles in the Mercedes line-up. Think about this: every family in Nigeria that can afford two cars, wants one of their cars to be a Mercedes. We suggest you to take a look at Mercedes C300, a reliable and stunning yet affordable car.


4. Hyundai

Hyundai hasn’t been around in Nigeria for as long as some other car brands, but it doesn’t mean that it’s less worthy of your attention. Like every car that comes out of Korea, Hyundai can be described by such characteristics as precision, comfort and endurance. The word “Hyundai” means “modernity” in English, and that’s exactly how these cars look and feel. Check out Hyundai Sonata for an affordable option.


3. Kia

Another Korean auto brand, Kia, is known along with Hyundai as the manufacturer of great cars perfect for everyday use. Your Kia may not take you on a 7-day journey through the jungle, but it will surely safely and comfortably take you to any destination within the city. Fuel economy, affordability and easy handling turned a lot of Nigerians into Kia fans. Why not take a look at Kia Cerato?


2. Honda

One more famous Japanese car brand on our list is Honda. As a very cost effective car, a Honda will give you exactly the comfort and resilience you’re looking for in a good used car. Honda’s subsidiary, Acura, is another public favourite, so it makes perfect sense that the sales for these two brands are constantly growing. We recommend seeing Honda Civic and Acura MDX.


1. Toyota

If you know even the littlest bit about cars, you won’t be surprised that Toyota gets the first spot on our list. Toyotas are so well-build and reliable that you can get even a 20 year old Toyota and be sure it will last you at least another decade. Toyota also has a subsidiary, Lexus, and offers a lot of options for buyers with different tastes and budgets. Check out Toyota Camry and Lexus RX 300 – who knows, maybe one of them will become your next favourite car?


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