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Tips For Buying A Bike Online

Nowadays buying and selling stuff became so much easier since the Internet has spread into the majority of Nigerian households. These days, no matter what you want to buy or sell – houses, cars, mobile phones, clothes or furniture – you can do it without leaving your place. Obviously, online shopping has helped thousands of sellers find their buyers, and vice versa. However, there are a few aspects of buying things online that are still not clear to many shoppers. Today we’ll try to look into buying motorcycles online and how to do it the right way.

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1. Decide what you want to buy

With websites like JiJi, where you can find hundreds of new and used bikes in all modifications and conditions, it’s possible to get lost in the variety of bikes. That is why it’s extremely important to go online shopping only after you’ve decided what you want in a bike, and are able to picture your perfect bike in your head. Spend some time researching your dream bikes and looking for them online, and one day you’ll get lucky and find exactly what you’re dreaming of.

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2. Know where to look for a bike

As the Internet is getting more popular, it’s sometimes becoming hard to find the place that matches all of your requirements. Some sellers prefer large online marketplaces like JiJi, where you can find anything, from the smallest products to real estate and trucks. Other sellers like to sell their bikes on special websites for car and motorcycle sales. Each of these buying methods has its own advantages, which is why we recommend to look at every available offer from all websites to find the perfect one.

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3. Look for the necessary features

There are no 100% similar bikes in the world; each bike has its own, unique set of features. After you’ve decided which bike you want exactly, you start looking for it. As soon as you discover the ad you like, read carefully the description and the specifications of the bike. Does it have everything you want in a motorcycle? Is the description detailed enough? If you can’t find the complete information about the bike, don’t hesitate to contact the owner to request more details. After all, a bike is a major purchase, so you don’t want to waste your money on something you don’t fully like.


4. Compare the prices

One of the most important rules of online shopping is to be smart when it comes to prices. Never settle for the first offer you see: after you look through the other offers or other websites, you might discover that there are better offers, lower prices, or better conditions of the bike. If you can’t make the decision on your own, make a spreadsheet on Google Docs and use it to compare prices, conditions and other features of every ad you find. This will make your decision making process faster and more effective.


5. Meet the seller

This is, perhaps, the most important step in buying a motorcycle online. After you’ve carefully inspected every website and found several good offers, you can start contacting sellers and arranging meetings with them. Remember: meeting a seller to check out their bike does not mean you must buy it. You can look at as many motorcycles as you want until you find the perfect bike you want to spend money on. Pay attention to the seller’s behaviour. Does he seem too anxious? Does he want to sell the bike as soon as possible? In that case something might be wrong with the bike, and you should go and look at other offers.


6. Close the deal

Even though this is the last step in obtaining your dream motorcycle, you should not take it lightly. Make sure to give the money only after you’ve carefully inspected the bike and determined its optimum condition. Try to have a couple of witnesses when you’re giving the money to the seller. Don’t forget to sign a contract of some sort, even if you’re buying a used bike. Ask to see the seller’s ID and other documents. Do whatever you can to avoid becoming a victim to a fraud, and you’ll definitely enjoy your new bike!


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