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The Legend Rolls On: Top 5 Harley-Davidson Bikes

It has always been so: no matter how many companies occupy the same niche in the market, there are some that offer not just a product, but a real legend – and stay in history forever.

Just think: hundreds of companies manufacture modern devices, but there is always Apple. There are hundreds of companies that produce soda pops, but Coca-Cola will always be a history. Millions of companies produce clothing and accessories, but Louis Vuitton will always be on top.


And no matter how hard will Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW try, there is a doubt that any of these companies will ever achieve the level of philosophy of a legendary Harley-Davidson.



In bikers community those, who own Harley-Davidson are like the owners of Ferrari or Lamborghini in a car gang.
Harley Davidson is not just motorcycles. This is a story, a cult, a lifestyle, select community. Today we will tell you about 5 coolest models of Harley-Davidson that are idolized by millions of brand fans.






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Dyna Wide Glide

Dyna Wide Glide 5

You can recognize Dyna Wide Glide by the sound of its engine – its roaring is a sign of a strong heart that beats inside of this motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide is a motorcycle that everyone who loves choppers should have.

Dyna Wide Glide 1

Moderately high wheel, engine that sways in a frame – these are distinctive features of many H.-D. models with Evolution series motors. One glance is enough to understand that you will like everything about it: even bunched wires that lead to steering controls are hidden … into the steering wheel! Outside there are only the ropes of gas, clutch and brake hose.

Dyna Wide Glide 4

Dyna Wide Glide ergonomics is excellent: all controls are under your fingers and toes, bike is very comfortable despite the stretched out arms and legs – largely due to successfully designed seat.

Long front fork of Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide FXDWG with a larger tilting angle and 21-inch wheel give a typical appearance to the chopper.

Dyna Wide Glide 2

Motorcycle finely shows itself in the city and on the highway: although there are some breakdowns in rear suspension when entering the pits of average depth, you won`t feel a brutal attack on your “fifth point”. That is explained by the fact that besides the rear shock-absorbers, impact energy is smoothed due to thick tires and soft driver’s seat.

Dyna Wide Glide 3

A couple of pleasant surprises! When driving on traffic jams, engine doesn`t heat up much; and vibrations are not annoying – their level is quite moderate. There is a feeling that you need them in order not to forget that you ride on a chopper by H-D!

Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Motorcycle Review

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Harley-Davidson Rocker

Harley Davidson Rocker 5

The custom-bike has very clean lines. When looking at the dashboard, you unwittingly rejoice how artfully all indicators are hidden: digital thermometer – in the lid of the oil tank, and half-hidden led fuel level indicator – in fuel tank false lid – a brilliant solution!

Harley-Davidson Rocker 2

Add to engine unreal 1.6 l torque and 6-speed transmission gear – and you get an awesome set that will make even sophisticated rider very happy. The motorcycle has an explosive character. Direct exhaust pipes successfully replace the horn, there is no need in it – the road is always free.

Brakes show themselves excellently. Engine and gearbox pleasantly surprise. Balancing shafts perfectly soften vibrations, they can be felt somewhere in the depth of the chest.

Harley-Davidson Rocker 1

Six-speed gearbox works wonderfully: clear switch and perfectly chosen gears. The sixth gear, “Cruise drive”, is designed for highways. Belt transmission smoothes out the pulsations and jumps.

Harley Davidson Rocker 4

Riding this motorcycle is quite unusual, because the angle of the fork is 35 degrees, but in general “the Rocker” is stable and predictable.

Harley Davidson ocker 6

The suspensions work superbly. They can be described as tough, but for this motorcycle this is rather a plus. There is no slackness, feeling of the road is very clear.

Harley Davidson Rocker, motorcycle ride, Cyprus

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Harley-Davidson Tripleboy ?? Thunderbike


A masterpiece of customization by famous Thunderbike combines the power of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and unique style of German tuning masters.


Tripleboy has wonderful, “tasty” appearance. Big diameter chrome wheels, shortened fenders, custom seat and modified form of steering wheel – all this stuff shows a sporty character of the bike.



Motorcycle has significantly redesigned back part: exhaust pipes, wide rear wheel and a bunch of small pleasant improvements only underscore the inherent brutality of the traditional Fat Boy. Oh, and wide wheel in beach-bar style paired with 18-inch chrome disks give special, sporty style to the motorcycle.


Customized Harley-Davidson by Thunderbike

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Harley-Davidson VR 1000

Harley-Davidson VR 1000 1

In 1994 Harley decided to try themselves at motorcycle racing (till this time Harley did not have any notable victories in racing of this class in addition to the success of XR750TT models in 1970 and victories of old-fashioned XR in BOTT (Battle of the Twins) in mid-1980-ies). In 1994 VR 1000 appeared, it weighted 165 kg and had a capacity of 135 HP. Only 50 copies were produced.

Harley-Davidson VR 1000 4

Harley-Davidson VR 1000 2

VR had nothing in common with previous models, and hasn`t use any part from existing Harleys. To bring the case to the end, Harley won support from several sides: Roush engine, Penske suspension, Wilwood brakes. Bike was made in America and out of American parts.
Harley-Davidson VR 1000 5

Harley-Davidson VR 1000 3

Meeting Harley Davidson VR1000

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XLCR Cafe Racer

XLCR Cafe Racer 6

XLCR 1977 was intended to occupy the niche of Café racers. These kinds of bikes have been popular since the beginning of the 1960-ies. Rockers liked to race on such motorcycles from a café to a certain point and then returned to the same Cafe. The main objective was to develop a speed of 100 mph – and, of course, to come first.

XLCR Cafe Racer 2

XLCR Cafe Racer 5

But they were home-made bikes created from usual Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycles. And then Harley-Davidson Company offered serial options of popular bikes.

The model is based on a standard XL Sportster. The main difference between the models was a small fairing, 15-litre fuel tank, fiberglass tail section, lower handlebar and some other modifications caused by changes in ergonomics.

XLCR Cafe Racer 7

In addition, the model frame was designed individually, and some elements were taken from Harley-Davidson XR750.

Other changes and details: more vertical shock absorbers, 1485 mm wheelbase, disc brakes, Morris wheels (18-and 19-inch, 7-spoke) from special alloy and lots of accessories.

XLCR Cafe Racer 3

Harley Davidson XLCR 1000 Cafe Racer

Today, the legendary Harley Davidson brand continues to grow and evolve, opening new markets and activities, creating new models of motorcycles, which just like their predecessors, are intended to become immortal classics.



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