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Right Man To Marry: Who Is He?

Every woman faces this difficult question at least once during her life: to marry or not to marry?

Are your relationships long-lasting and quiet good, but you still hesitating?

Today JiJi will help you to make the right choice!


A wife is considered to be a passionate lover, a candid friend, a skillful hostess, a careful mother and so on. Women think that a man has to be their breadwinner, protector, friend, lover and just a hero 🙂

Nevertheless, nobody is perfect, therefore, you may not be a good hostess, but a great friend and adviser to your partner, and he may be your protector, but not an ideal friend. That’s why you are hesitating. Read the following to choose right!

1. Concentrate on 5-7 basic qualities.

We’ve mentioned here, that typically, girls tend to imagine a man of their dreams possessing too many positive qualities. If you wrote a list of these points, you would find there at least 30 qualities, wouldn’t you? 😉 But such people simply don’t exist. So choose main 5-7 (not more!) points and see whether your partner matches them. Nevertheless, we’re strongly persuaded that your partner is much better!


2. You see his drawbacks, but embrace them.

A lot of people make a mistake when marrying a “perfect” guy, because after a while they discover some flaws of him and get disappointed. And they divorce. Don’t be blind: your partner may be a bit untidy or lazy, but it you know, accept it and love him anyway, then we congratulate you!


3. You’ve got mutual understanding.

All you need is love.

Well, it’s true, but not all you need. Also you need is a soulmate – a person who simply understands you, your peculiarities and needs. Moreover, you should actually understand him. No, it doesn’t mean to be telepathic, but make sure your conversations reach effective results.


4. You are accepted.

Before asking for something, give it first. Love is a mutual process, and you also have rights to be understood and loved. If your partner appreciates your identity, uniqueness, and you aren’t afraid to be actually yourself, we have good news for you: this is your person!


5. You’ve experienced grief together.

The thing is that people usually live quite peacefully and decide to marry, but they don’t know another, hidden part or their partner. And when a problem occurs, they get taken aback because of changed behaviour of their beloved ones. Therefore, before marrying, make sure you aren’t engaged with a person ready to flee in case of unexpected problems.


6. You don’t conflict on daily basis.

There are some people who can’t imagine their day-to-day life without having to fight with their partner. Unfortunately, it’s a bad sign. It means that both of you can’t reach the sole agreement. Conflicts can’t be avoided at all, but they always have some important reasons for existence. But if you fight because of “you haven’t put the toothbrush on the right place“, it’s disappointing.


What is the basis of good marriage? Mutual love.

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