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Penny Dreadful: 10 Reasons To Live And Not In Victorian House

Penny Dreadful is one of the most fascinating TV series in recent years. When you watch Vanessa’s adventures, of course you notice pretentious victorian interiors. Of course almost everyone would like to live like that – in big house with carved panels and leather furniture.

But it isn’t so easy. JiJi.ng gathered pros and cons to live in big victorian house.

1. If you like gloomy atmosphere of Penny Dreadful – you probably will enjoy gothic victorian decor. But be careful – in victorian epoch main trend in all respectable houses favourite family hobby was taxidermy. Such decor in nowadays is a little confusing – we must save animals, not to kill them just for fun. But the main problem of stuffed animals and birds are conserving chemicals – that’s why in taxidermy museums touching is prohibited. This chemicals also poisoning air.

 2. Big space. It is perfect for big family to have private room for each member. Every teen want to have one. But big house requires a lot of cleaning! If you have enough money you can hire smb, if not – you will clean it by days. The only thing I thing watching Sir Malcolm house – does Sembene cleans whole house, where did he find so much time?!!!


3. Stairs. Oh, they look marvelous and considerable. And walking on stairs is very good for heart. But after few weeks you will hate them. Forget something upstairs – you will late at least 5 minutes.


4. Wooden panels. Wooden crafts, especially rare sorts require gentle maintenance. Special wood sprays with dust protection, temperature conditions… But if you have enough money to buy such house, probably you will find some to keep it))


5. Dust. When they pictured Evelyn Poole headquarter, they put bones and dolls on walls. But decorators forget to put at least 5 mm dust layer. Of course, maybe she knows some anti-dust spell.

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6. Wall Decor. Except taxidermy, there are a lot pictures on the wall – do you remember Dorian’s apartments? Of course, you can find original works on JiJi! But look on the contrast with Vanessa’s room!

Wallpaper appear quite in 18th century and was painted by hands. Now you can buy what you want, but imagine, how it is difficult to find something suitable for victorian decor!http://cdn.wegotthiscovered.com/wp-content/uploads/zap-penny-dreadful-season-1-episode-7-possessi-010-540x360.jpeg

7. Rock crystal and leather furniture. They will never be outmoded and will serve a few generations. But also they require maintenance!


8. Victorian house, even builded not so long ago very fast covers with legends and stories. Every place has its own centuries-old prehistory. Every thingle decor detail already has it’s own history. Be sure, soon you will see a ghostly guests.

9. Illumination. Soft lights and semidarkness are fabulous for the TV. But in real it is impossible to work and read in twilight. Good electric wires and regulated lamps is your reality – God save the progress!https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/c1/e8/c8/c1e8c82e6ace48a6f64be4f668d69096.jpg

10. Envy. Everyone who visit your house will envy. Don’t forget to protect your home on spiritual levelcross, prayers, totems, rituals and Loa – not for nothing religiousness was very widespread in Victorian times.

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