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GMO products engender acrimonious debates in world community. It is difficult to find a grain of truth in shouting crowd, so let’s clarify what is notorious GMO and should we afraid to eat it.

Silly lies about GMO

Sometimes people, who have little to do with science, create really fatuous myths about GMO. For example, sensational GMO bull with a lot of muscles.

But this double-muscled cows are result of banal breeding and selection – they have mutation in gene, responsible for muscles development, breeders just crossbreed posterity of mutation-carriers. This strain of cattle is called Belgian Blue. Same mutation appears in dogs and humans. Thanks to Internet, we know about Wendy the Bodybuilding Dog and Iron Boy  Liam Hoekstra.

Myth 1. If you eat GMO, foreign DNA embeds into yours.

When biologist, doesn’t matter, professor or student, hears this, the only reaction – facepalm and “Really, people, did you went to school?”. Same story was with smallpox vaccination. When Edward Jenner made vaccine from cowpox, appear a lot of caricatures how people can turn into cows. Nowadays smallpox is no more.


Due to this myth, our DNA consists of all plants and animals we eat. Why? 

Because scientists take one intact gen of one plan and with the help of carriers – PLANT viruses and bacteria genomes, and their derivatives deliver this gene into genome of other plant. We eat this viruses with all plants since early childhood without any GMO – just because they exist for thousand years! Why humanity steel not turned into tomatoes?

More myths on next pages! On page 3 you will find real hazards of GMO, don’t miss it!

Myth 2. GMO causes allergy.

Allergy and immune reaction can be caused by proteins. Independent, is this protein found in GMO or organic soybeans. If a person has allergy on gluten, even in case of organic and healthy diet he or she will suffer from this disease. But all GMO products are tested for allergies and people should be inform about it. In general, you can have allergy reaction on every food you eat at first time. In this reason, exotic fruits and vegetables are more dangerous.

Myth 3. Label “GMO free” is a mark of safe.

Every food can be poison. Not so long ago 53 people in Europe died after eating organic beans. Those beans was infected by colon bacillus.Myth 4. GMO plants exhaust the soil.

Every plant exhausts the soil, difference between natural growing and agriculture is that after plant dies, it returns into the grounds and fertilizes it. Since appearance of agriculture, humanity exhaust the soil for ages, only in 20 century husbandry transformed from intensive to extensive, due to different chemicals – herbicides, pesticides etc.

Myth 5. God and Allah against meddling into creation.

God will be much more disappointed when people kill and rob each other, than create genetically modified bacteria producing insulin, that is much more suitable for human than bovine one. Or grow rice with vitamin A.

But what are real hazards of GMO? Read on next page!

True about GMO hazards.

In spite of more than 2000 verified scientific research of GMO harmlessness for human, scientists are not totally sure about GMO safety. There are a big difference between examination of medical GMO and food GMO. Of course, recombinant proteins are checked more carefully.

Ecological hazard

GMO plants can harm ecosystems. Pollen transfer between plants can cause to hybrides with wild plants and they become also GMO and acquire resistance to herbicides. Also those pollen can be toxic to different insects, causing extinctions of useful beetles, or insects,  that are the basis of whole ecosystem.

Quality of GMO

Usually, GMO are made not for people who will eat food – rather for one who grow stuff. Vegetables grow bigger and faster, don’t require insecticides, remain fresh longer. The nightmare of scientists – when gen, which should be expressed only is produced in edible parts. For example, some protein in tomato leaves scares plant pests. But tomato mutate and those protein expressed in all parts. Of course, such proteins are not harmful for mammalian, but edible qualities, such as taste and smell are lost.

Incompatibility of gene and host organism.

Genetic modification is like transfer of software between computers. The difference is that each organism has it’s own operative system. Genes can be “read” differently and in the end plant will produce not, for example, additional color pigment, but catalyst of chemical reaction, after which inoffensive rose becomes Darth Vader.

Future perspectives

All exploration of GMO on animals, all observations of GMO on humans can not give distinct and clear prognosis of GMO effects on our children, because they are held for few years, and nobody knows what are aftermath. If you believe in science, you can give GMO products for your child, if not – you will not do this. But for the next time when you will buy some food, you should know, even if there are label “GMO free”, there is no guarantee that there are no any substances, produced by genetically modified organisms.

At least, we all are genetically modified – thanks to God, evolution is persistent.

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