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Love: Scientific Proof To Improve Your Health

Some people visit doctors almost every month to keep updated with their health conditions. Others spend lots of money for expensive medicines and vitamins. But actually there is one thing that can improve our health completely for free. It is love.

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Love lowers your blood pressure

It was proved numerous times that love has an ability to lower blood pressure.  Maybe it is so because people who are mutually in love with each other handle small problems together and don’t concentrate on impediments that may appear in their life. A 2007 researches have also found that happily married couples had lower blood pressure levels than unmarried people, while unhappily married couples had higher blood pressure than both groups.


Love protects your heart

b9ZlvtvT5eQBeing in love doesn’t only have its benefits for emotional aspect of our heart, but it also keeps it healthy physically. Numerous studies have shown that happily married men have 50% less chance for such diseases as heart burn, angina or diabetes. For women it has its advantageous influence on the cardiovascular system. And those women who have undergone an open heart surgery are likely to live longer in happy relationships than those who feel unhappy.

Love boosts your body’s immunity

EQgYXjRydSUOxytocin may play a very important role. This important hormone is released when we kiss or touch someone we love, and studies show that it can suppress stress hormones and boost immunity. It depends not on regular sex only but also with the ability to keep people close to each other. Be sure to have regular meetings with your good friends and other close ones.


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Love lowers Cholesterol

gNPM7dphwY4When falling in love people tend to gain some extra kilos for the first period of time. But it is not a case as it also has an ability to lower the level of cholesterol in your body.

R0KDYC2Et9QThe researches have been conducted that those people who were writing love letters have significantly reduced level of cholesterol as compared to those who didn’t. Maybe it’s your time to start writing those love letters?

Love helps beat cancer

75XWT6ZiJGsIt was proved by the Research Institute of Iowa that those people who had strong emotional bonds to someone had more forceful “natural killer” cell activity. The quantity of white cells that kill cancerous cells was significantly higher than in comparison to those people who didn’t have such close love bonds.


Love helps guard against pain

Have you heard the saying “love is the drug”? And it actually is according to the researches that have showed the brain’s response to pain after looking at a picture of a loved one and an acquaintance. The picture with the loved person had an ability to reduce pain by 40%, and the one with an acquaintance by 10-15% only.


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Love makes you smarter

Although it can often lead you to do stupid things, love can also increase your brain health. The reason is that when you fall in love, it raises levels of nerve growth which helps restore the nervous system and improve memory by triggering the growth of new brain cells.


Love can keep you in shape

YGzm1qCObmkExperts estimate that sex burns 85 or more calories for every 30 minute steamy session. And not only that, but reaching orgasm can improve sleep, reduce pain and reduce chances of prostate cancer in men, according to a study by Harvard Medical School.

Love leads to a longer life

Apart from having drastically lower rates of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and lung disease, happily married couples tend to live longer. So if you like your life and want to be present here for 10-15 years longer – go and find someone to love and to marry!


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